Brother jumped into the river to save his younger brother both drowned. Headmaster: Under investigation

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Two people died in a drowning accident in a Lintao County in Dingxi, Gansu province, media reported.Some netizens said that on April 4, a boy jumped into the Taohe River, his brother also jumped to save people, and both disappeared after that.April 6 morning, reporters from lintao County party propaganda department and local funeral home confirmed that one of the two is a local middle school students.April 8, reporters learned from the relatives of the deceased, brother 27 years old, younger brother 14 years old, eighth grade in lintao County Jiaoshan Middle school.After the incident on April 2, they found on his brother’s phone that he had told his mother and brother that he had been beaten.The family also said the brother had a girlfriend for two to three years, and the parents of the two had recently met to discuss a wedding date.Jiaoshan Middle School principal responded to the reporter, the school later looked back at the video, asked teachers and students, found no signs of bullying.She also took part in the relay race and won the second place in her group.The principal said, temporarily unable to determine whether the school has anything to do with the matter, as for compensation is not clear, “if the judgment of the school needs compensation, (the school) has the responsibility to need compensation.”On April 8, Mr. Sun told reporters that the two men who drowned were his nephews.Big nephew 27 years old, little nephew 14 years old, in lintao County pepper mountain middle school on the second grade.April 2 is the school sports meeting, small nephew to call his mother after school, said the school has a person to play him, call his mother.While their parents were working in a construction site, their mother called her brother back home.Brother learned about this and drove to school.Near the middle of the bridge, the elder brother met the younger.Family members later asked onlookers learned that the elder brother advised the younger brother not to jump into the river, the younger brother still jumped into the water, the elder brother rescue, both drowned.Mr. Sun said his brother called his mother to say his brother was going to jump, “just a few words.”A few minutes later, when mom called him again, the phone went dead.Sun said family members saw his brother’s schoolbag and mobile phone from his brother’s car.After unlocking the phone, they saw a voicemail from the younger brother to his mother saying that someone at school had beaten him, and a voicemail from the younger brother saying, “A classmate whose name is beating him, a youth in society whose name is beating him.””I guess my nephew got bullied at school.”Mr Sun said the nephew’s mobile phone had been handed over to the police.If he was bullied on campus, I hope the school will compensate him for the financial loss.Mr. Sun also said that the nephew has been talking about two or three years of girlfriend, the home is being renovated, originally a period of time to meet with the woman’s parents to discuss the wedding date.The parents of the two children had not eaten for several days, and the villagers had gathered around their homes to keep them company, fearing they would go through a hard time.On April 8, the reporter called The principal of Jiaoshan Middle School, Shi Jiaxiang.Shi jiaxiang told reporters that the public security authorities have intervened in the first time, the school received a call from the police, also immediately set up an accident team to cooperate with the police.That evening, the head teacher called the parents to find out the situation.As for the specific circumstances of that day, he learned that generally, after school, if parents do not come to pick up their children, they will entrust a taxi driver to pick them up, and several children will take a car back.After school that day, the student did not take a bus, but walked back to wait for his brother to pick him up.Shi jiaxiang said that the student has performed well in class since the beginning of this semester. He is able to abide by school discipline, fulfill class promises, unite classmates and actively do class work.Especially during the two-day sports meeting, the student performed better and actively participated in the class relay race. The group won the second place in the group.”As to whether there was bullying, the school conducted an internal investigation, played back the surveillance video, and the public security authorities are also investigating the video.Bullying is still under investigation.”They reviewed campus-wide surveillance videos and found no signs of bullying;With the monitor and the same dormitory students understand the situation, did not find anything unusual.Shi jiaxiang said that the public security authorities are still investigating whether the school has anything to do with the incident. As for compensation, it is not clear. “If the court decides that the school needs compensation, (the school) has the responsibility to pay compensation,” he said.Press statement: This article is published for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address