7pm!Chinese women’s football team hit the 9th championship + 6.36 million bonus, Wang Shuang or comeback, CCTV is not live

2022-07-01 0 By

China will play South Korea in the Final of the Asian Women’s Cup at 7pm On February 6, Beijing time, aiming to win its ninth Asian Cup title.According to CCTV’s program schedule, CCTV has not scheduled a live broadcast, and it is highly likely that the game will not be broadcast.In addition, it is understood that the current Women’s Football Asia Cup match is a bonus, the champion bonus is 1 million DOLLARS, equivalent to 6.36 million yuan, while the runner-up bonus is 500,000 dollars, equivalent to 3.18 million yuan.Now, the girls have come to the final stage, they will naturally go all out to try to win the championship, as well as the big prize money.Fortunately, the women’s soccer team also got 3 big benefits before the game.First of all, the women’s team has already beaten the defending champion Japan, which is the number one positive.Before the game, no one expected The Chinese women’s football team to advance, after all, the opponent is the best team in Asia, has won two consecutive championships.The result was a stunning performance by the Chinese women’s soccer team, which drew with one stroke and won in a penalty shootout.When the match is over, it must have boosted the confidence of the Chinese women’s football team, the players are now motivated and mentally released, which will help them to win again in the final.Secondly, Wang Shuang may make a comeback, which is also good news.Wang Shuang did not play in the semifinal because she sprained her ankle.Now, before the final, there is still some time, Wang Shuang can speed up the recovery process, try to catch up with this game, finally appear on the bench, substitute appearance, this is very likely to happen.Of course, Wang Shuang first out of the field, is also possible.For the women’s football team, the appearance of wang Shuang, the core of the team, will certainly encourage the morale of the team, for the women’s football team to win the championship to add a powerful force.It is also good news that The Chinese women’s soccer team has been the Nemesis of the Korean team in recent years.According to statistics, in the last seven matches between the two sides, The Chinese women’s soccer team has won 5 wins and 2 draws, and remains unbeaten.In this rematch, the women have the psychological advantage.Even the Japanese women’s football team lost to China, and the South Korean team is not as good as the Japanese women’s football team, so it looks like the Chinese women’s football team will win the cup.As for the final score, whether the women’s football team can win the championship and give Chinese fans a New Year gift, what do you think as a football fan?Make your predictions in the comments section.