Su yiming responded to the rumors of “low score” : I am very happy already, please continue to pay attention to my big platform

2022-06-30 0 By

China’s Su Yiming made history by winning the silver medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle on Sunday, but the claim that the Canadian judge scored low in the event went viral.Su yiming said that she did not pay special attention to online public opinion and scores, but was satisfied with the results.Su Yiming of China competes on February 7.”Thank you for your attention,” Su yiming told Xinhua. “I was in good shape today and I did what I wanted to do.I don’t pay particular attention to the scores of the judges, but I am very happy to get this score.””Max (Parrott) and Mark (McMorris) are both international ‘god’ skaters and my idols. I grew up watching their videos and imitating their moves,” su said of the two Canadian rivals’ performances.I feel very honored to stand on the podium with them!”Max Parrott of Canada (c), runner-up Su Yiming of China (L) and third runner-up Mark McMorris of Canada attend a trophy presentation ceremony in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb 7, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Fei Maohua/Finally, Su Yiming also asked us to continue to look forward to his performance in the big platform competition.