Allusion: Small enemy cowardly

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Allusion: small enemy cowardly related characters: Liu Xiu (Emperor Guangwu of Han Dynasty) “Book of the Later Han” volume 1 < Guangwu Emperor benji > ~ 8 ~ various parts of the xi yue: “General Liu life to see a small enemy cowardly, now see a big enemy brave, very strange also, and return to the front. Please help the general!”Liu Xiu, emperor Guangwu, was good at fighting, but according to historical records, he was very cautious when he met a small group of enemy soldiers.In the face of a great enemy, but very brave.Later, it is used to chant the code of small loss but big gain.Later generations used as the allusion to the martial arts of general.Author poem Du Fu different king book chong Xun, small enemy letter cowardly.This is used to say that Although Li Guangbi had a few mistakes in battle, he could defeat the enemy bravely.