Puxi seal control, Wusong Customs adhere to the post to ensure smooth import and export customs clearance

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Xinmin Evening News (reporter Guo Jianfeng correspondent jie Shuangshuang) From 3 o ‘clock on April 1, Shanghai Puxi area real seal control management.Wusong Customs organized the personnel of each business line to “close” on duty in advance, stick to the front line of port customs clearance, and ensure the uninterrupted import and export business.That morning, Wusong Customs completed puxi containment after the first batch of export inspection operations.This batch of alloy steel forgings, 64.48 tons in total, were declared for export by an enterprise in Jiangsu province in the way of national customs integration.Considering the epidemic factors, Wusong Customs strengthened communication with enterprises and port areas in advance, adopted the unaccompanied inspection mode, completed the inspection work within half an hour, to ensure the smooth shipment of goods on time.Photo: April 1, Wusong Customs in Puxi seal control on the first day of the morning completed a batch of export steel inspection Wang Zhuofei Wusong wharf is Shanghai’s most important bulk cargo import and export port.Since the new round of nucleic acid screening in Shanghai, Wusong Customs has set up a commando team of Party members, on duty 24 hours a day to ensure the normal order of customs clearance.On March 30th, Shaoxing SMIC Manufacturing Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “SHAoxing SMIC”) declared a batch of imported high-tech equipment parts to Wusong Customs.The shipment is a key component of the company’s semiconductor supply chain.Worried about the impact of the epidemic, enterprises specifically to wusong Customs call, consulting customs clearance matters.”Please rest assured that the inspection and clearance operations are as usual.”After receiving wusong customs inspection a section chief Zhu Ling affirmative reply, the enterprise ate reassured.On the same day, Wusong Customs according to the control instructions, through the “unaccompanied inspection” mode, in one hour to complete all high-quality inspection operations.At 9 o ‘clock on the morning of the 31st, this batch of goods has successfully arrived at shaoxing factory.”I thought the epidemic would have a big impact on customs clearance, and I was worried that we would not be able to catch up with the inspection before Puxi quarantinable, but I didn’t expect the goods to be mentioned so soon.”Shaoxing CORE related person in charge sighed.”We are making every effort to ensure that the production of enterprises is not affected.”Zhu Ling introduced.In view of the characteristics of large volume and high value of import and export cargoes in the area, Wusong Customs also carries out convenient measures such as “ship-side direct lifting” for import cargoes and “direct loading upon arrival” for export cargoes, so as to reduce the warehousing and logistics costs of enterprises and provide enterprises with high-quality customs clearance services with low loss, low cost and high efficiency.It is reported that in March this year, Wusong Customs has completed 17,000 batches of import and export cargo supervision, cumulative supervision of bulk goods amounted to 2.385 million tons.