Legend of Yang Jian is evil god, is it true, Yang Jian is which dynasty people

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In ancient Chinese myths and legends, Yang Jian is a unique immortal, which also has the story of creating a great disturbance in heaven, as well as its unique sky eye and dog, which are very recognizable features. There is also a legend that Yang Jian is an evil god, so is Yang Jian an evil god?Which dynasty was Yang Jian located in?Yang JIAN is actually a fictional character, in the history of our country, there is no Yang Jian this person, or even the prototype.Yang Jian, known as Erlang God in legend, is a combination of gods and mortals, which is not only powerful but also very powerful magic.In the gods, Yang Jian worship jade ding real master learned eight or nine xuangong, and king Wu cut zhou when also made a great contribution.Later to the incarnation of the holy, the strength is extremely strong.If it is viewed in accordance with the theory of deification, Yang Jian should be a person in the Shang and Zhou dynasties.When did the legend of Yang Jian rise? In fact, Erlang God Yang Jian is a fictional character, and the belief of Erlang god Yang Jian actually originated in the Tang Dynasty, which flourished in the Two Song Dynasties. Since the Song Dynasty, people highly praise the belief of Erlang God.And the legend of Erlang God is well known.The most impressive image we know of Erlang God is the third eye on his forehead.In fact, there is no third eye on the forehead in the original myth of Erlang God.The legend of Erlang god having a third eye on his forehead only arose in the Qing Dynasty.There was once a rumor that Yang Jian was an evil god and could not be consecrated, which is actually a rumor.Because in the ancient Chinese legend, Yang Jian is an image of integrity, benevolence and righteousness, eliminating harm for the people, xiansheng protect the people, not the evil god in the legend, so we can rest assured.Of course, this is only in the area of faith, we have to respect individual beliefs.What do you think about that