“Double reduction” to meet “double increase”?Education came from the news, parents said very happy

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If a country wants to develop well in the future, it must cultivate in education.In today’s society, many enterprises value education far more than ability. In order to make it easier for their children to find jobs in the future, many parents dare not be careless about their children’s learning.”Double reduction” to meet “double increase”?Not long ago, the implementation of the double reduction policy finally gave many students a rare chance to breathe. After all, before landing, most students usually run back and forth between school, remedial classes and home, not to mention the lack of time to cultivate their interests, and even the ordinary sleeping time can not be guaranteed.However, after the implementation of this policy, most parents did not welcome the support, but questioned, after all, the future entrance is still very serious, who really dare to let their children happy Learning Buddhism?To this end, many parents are also through a variety of ways to give their children remedial lessons, do not know the child’s pressure has not become greater, anyway, the pressure of parents really increased.But recently, the news about the “double increase” came from relevant departments. Many parents didn’t understand it at first, but after hearing it, they smiled and said it should have happened a long time ago.So what is the double growth policy?In order to better implement the double reduction policy and cultivate students’ comprehensive abilities in various aspects, relevant departments will increase the training time of children’s sports and art, and encourage students to learn music and art, physical exercise and other non-disciplinary projects.That is to say, different from the previous subject projects, students can participate in all kinds of interest classes to make up for the shortcomings of learning in the past, so that every child can develop in an all-round way, and change the current situation of exam-oriented education.Parents not anger after listening to the xi: should have been so for this is the support of most of the parents, after all, if you can increase the sports and the arts disciplines scores, so parents do not have to worry about child future achievements will keep pace with the now, also need not worry about pay attention to subject education backward after body and artistic accomplishment.However, some parents are still worried that their children are not artistic or in poor health since childhood, so they cannot get high grades in art and sports. Is this policy unfair to their children?For this actually parents also need not worry too much, this time, if really can implement relevant policies, related departments must be will make corresponding policies, such as some students does not have good body is not suitable for sports, so as long as is the case, the school also impossible to mandatory asked him to take part in sports activities.After all, what kind of high school means how much probability of entering a high-quality university, if the results are not ideal, then it will be more difficult to enter a good high school.Therefore, before the double increase policy is officially implemented, we hope that parents do not relax their guard easily and should actively let their children keep up with the normal curriculum so that they will not be able to learn the more difficult content in the future.The end of the article said: in fact, about the double reduction policy, many parents said that the double reduction, but in fact did not really reduce, children’s school time is still the same time, homework is still so much, but not at all easy.And now the after-school tutoring institutions can also be closed on the closed, want to give counseling institutions to improve their own, the child’s performance is very difficult to achieve, but want to sign up for tutoring costs are very high, the pressure of the parents themselves has become higher.Some parents even said frankly that I don’t know about the reduction of pressure for students after the implementation of the policy, but parents’ pressure has actually increased.Do you support increasing grades for sports and arts?If you want to know more exciting content, follow Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Lime