“Winter Olympic City” Han Ruihwa: The winter Olympic Tai dance camp “patriarch” played a warm overture

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In winter, the country of snow worship, cold wind biting, extremely cold.But in the winter Aotaiwu ski town camp, but there is a different feeling, people living here say: this cold cold winter, taiwu camp is warm, because here he is silently guarding, silently working, heart played a warm prelude in the winter.He is han Ruihwa.After the taiwu Camp was delivered to Xuanhua District for operation and management on November 23, 2021, As the commander in charge of the overall work of the camp, Han Ruihua was determined to build it into a warm home serving the winter Olympics personnel.From the dormitory and function between overall planning to camp culture construction, from the flow of science make preparation of articles for daily use, to check in detail, every link watered his painstaking effort, just to warm with the real feeling too dance camp, let every check-in service games too dance camp staff from the bottom of my heart to feel the warmth of home.In the run-up to the games event, from the beginning on January 15, 2022, service games personnel arriving at too dance camp, they lived here warm, eat well, will be there as their home, and had a cordial said here as “home” too dance, more will Han Ruihua the approachable, hands-on as commander of the camp of the “parents”.Every morning, just after dawn, Han Ruihua would shuttle around the corners of the camp to inspect the work.Everywhere he went, he would chat with everyone about their work and life, and urge them to pay attention to their health and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Occasionally, he would make a few jokes to relieve everyone’s tension under the daily high intensity and overload work.The entrance and exit of the camp is one of the sites that Han Ruihua pays the most attention to, because it is the “safety pass” of the camp, and it is also an important link that he is not at ease with.In particular, after the Opening of the Winter Olympics, he would check the disinfection facilities and epidemic prevention equipment repeatedly every day, understand the daily operation plan, and watch every winter Olympics staff leave the camp safely.His intentions have been everyone’s understanding and support, get on the bus ready to service the Winter Olympics post, but also in the car to his heart, waved, let him rest assured.Warm moments like these are common at Taiwu Camp.On the eve of New Year’s Eve, the occupants of taewoo Camp received a mysterious New Year’s gift — a red box — from Han Seo-hwa.It was filled with New Year’s goods, along with a card that read: “Thank you for having you in the Winter Olympics.”Originally thought in the field this annual meeting had been incomparably cold and quiet, did not think of this sudden surprise unexpectedly as a warm current into everyone’s heart.This warm current not only moistens the hearts of the personnel serving the Winter Olympics, but also touches every staff member in the camp.At one time, a member of the health waste group accidentally fell at work waist, han Ruihua was holding a morning meeting, after learning the news, quickly ended the meeting to visit the injured.Han Ruihua kept pacifying the wounded, let him not worry, while calling the doctor.After diagnosis, the staff muscle strain, after the camp doctor diagnosis and treatment, and then use some medicine to keep a few days can be cured, Han Ruihua hung heart finally put down, but he will ask the wounded every three or five conditions of recovery.Everyone in the dance camp is Han Ruihua as family, there is any situation, will affect his heart.Once, there was an emergency in a staff member’s home, but he could not get out of the camp during the closed loop, so he went to Han Ruihua for help.After learning the situation, Han Ruihua immediately called the staff in Xuanhua to help the staff to deal with family matters, so that the staff moved.There were birthdays at the camp, and there were birthday cards and wishes that he had arranged in advance.After receiving the card, everyone was happy and moved, they said: “this card is very precious, because they received not only birthday wishes, more importantly, let them remember the day of struggle here and the special experience of serving the Winter Olympics, very memorable.Small to camp staff birthday greetings, care, big to camp every aspect of almost all he had to worry about, check-in staff toiletry bags, daily necessities, such as the bathroom washing machine downstairs to borrow books at any time, download on his mobile phone can read electronic books, as well as in the dormitory can hear from radio station the tender feeling good,These are poured into his great effort and warmth.A heart reflects the Winter Olympics, a cavity sincere warm too dance, this is his work in too dance camp.However, he always ignores himself. He often finds himself in the conference room after midnight, with red eyes on his head after staying up for several nights, still earnestly doing work planning and studying together with comrades in the operation team headquarters how to optimize every detail of support service.”The Winter Olympics is a big event for our country, but also for each of us,” han said.Only by carefully planning every work, optimizing every detail and protecting everyone here can I live up to the heavy burden handed to me by the Party and the people.”I also hope that everyone who returned safely from The Taimu Home will remember the wonderful time they spent here in the years to come.”Do a “warm heart” big parent, in the Winter Olympic Games with love played an eternal warm prelude, carefully guard everyone in the dance camp, is han Ruihua’s biggest wish.(Chen Xiaodong, Peng Dehua)