The operation of some passenger and freight trains on Tai-tai Railway has been changed since April 8

2022-06-28 0 By

On April 7, the reporter learns from the taiyuan railway bureau group co., LTD., April 8 00:00, a new national railway train running, I tube passenger trains and freight trains are part of the changes, to further optimize the structure of train operation, the rational allocation of resources capacity, active service passenger travel and economic and social development.During this adjustment, the passenger transport capacity arrangement of Taiyuan Bureau Group Company was dynamically adjusted according to the idea of “on-demand arrangement, precise matching and cascade delivery”, and some passenger trains under its control and stopped were changed.Specifically, hangzhou east to open Taiyuan South G1862/3 times, Taiyuan south To open Chongqing north G2239 times, Shenyang north to open Taiyuan South G2604 times, Taiyuan south Lianyungang G3147/50/47 times and other 5 high-speed bullet trains, 56 general speed trains along the stop, some station arrival time have been adjusted.In order to further implement epidemic prevention and control measures and cooperate with local governments in epidemic prevention and control, railway authorities have temporarily adjusted the pre-sale period of railway tickets to five days (including the same day) since April 7, and the resumption time will be further notice.At the same time, continue to extend ticket sales and change service time, provide temporary electronic identification and other online services, continue to do a good job of the elderly, the young, sick, disabled, pregnant and other key passengers and people off the network travel warm services.In addition to adjusting passenger trains, taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. makes full use of daqin, Shitai, Waari, Houyue railway and other freight channels in the pipeline to actively organize the operation of inter-bureau direct trains for bulk goods, with 103 trains running daily to improve transportation efficiency.At the same time, we will continue to consolidate the overall upgrade results of railway freight e-commerce platform 95306, improve the whole online handling process of freight business, and improve the facilitation and customer service experience.It is also understood that, in order to comprehensively consolidate the quality foundation of line equipment before the map adjustment, China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. from February 26 to April 5, the pipes of Nantongpu, Shitai, Taijiao, Houxi, Wari and other lines have been centralized maintenance and renovation, to further improve the quality of line equipment.Tirtc staff introduced that after the adjustment of the map, passengers and cargo owners can check or pay attention to the dynamic information and station announcements released by railway departments through 12306, 95306 and other channels respectively, so as to make reasonable arrangements for travel and cargo transportation.Source: Taiyuan Daily news gathering center reporter Qi Xiangzhen