On contemporary Literary Creation (Chinese)

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Liang Xiaosheng: On the current literary creation (part 1), what I have just said is that it has a strong plot, but there are some short stories that don’t take pains in the story.He wrote characters, such as “Ball of suet”, “Blessing” and “Mumu”.Mumu was written when serfdom was just abolished in Russia, and I added another ending to it when I was in junior high school.Because I can’t quite accept turgenev’s original ending. What is Mumu about?Turgenev’s grandmother was herself a landlord and had a fine estate.On the farm there lived a big, strong serf who was deaf and dumb.What’s his name? I’ve forgotten. He rarely communicates.He had loved a washerwoman on the farm, but the landlady had married her to a drunkard, and the love of man for man, man for woman, had died out of him.At this time, he had a little dog, and the dog lived together.The dog is his favorite, he called the dog, the mouth out of mumu, mumu sound.But one day when the female landlord came to inspect the manor, the dog bit the female landlord’s skirt. The female landlord was very angry and ordered the wood to be disposed of.To the serfs, the words of the landlady were orders and had to be carried out.Get rid of it means kill it.It must be done by its master, who, though his favourite, must carry it out.So he took Mumu to the boat and rowed it to the middle of the lake. Then he tied a rope around mumu’s neck and tied a stone to the other end of the rope.At this time the eyes of the dog also looked at him with the most reliable eyes, that the master is doing interesting games with it, when he let go, small wood will sink.Then, a few days later, the tall, strong serf also disappeared from the farm.I particularly like this story because Turgenev is really writing about serfdom and what kind of people the serfs have become that they have lost themselves completely.Turgenev designed it very carefully.First, he was deaf, and he knew very little about the world.Second, he’s dumb. He doesn’t express much.Third, he is strong. He is powerful.But this power can only serve the female landowners.Then again, when it had made him to destroy himself, he obeyed.The servility we were talking about.So he’s actually denouncing serfdom as the most immoral distortion of human nature, a part of the unfortunate human race.These intentions of the novel are very clear.But why did I rewrite it?Because I love dogs when I was young, I am a dog, although at that time is the period of food difficulties, our family would rather brothers eat a few less, but also raise a dog.Therefore, I feel to mumu do so, MY heart feel too unbearable.So, I have rewritten it to mean that when his hand, when the master’s hand touched the water, mumu looked at him in that way, and rubbed his chin against the back of his hand, the serf finally gave up.He didn’t put it down.So, N days after I wrote, in some other places, people saw a deaf, dumb, tall and strong man working everywhere, with his little dog called Mumu all the time.Of course, this must be because I like dogs out of their own, to repeat the ermine, will not damage its profundity?So here’s a question.That is to say, there is a fine line between the warmth of human nature and the profoundness of human nature.But sometimes I want to keep the warmth of humanity in my writing as long as it doesn’t cause the greatest damage to the profundity. I want the two to be combined.But the problem we face now is that, in theory, literary characters should be more memorable than real ones.The plot of a novel should be more thought-provoking than the events of life, both of which are now subverted by life itself.You could say life itself made a mockery of it.It used to be said that literature reproduces life, but now life copies literature, in addition to the myth story is real life can not copy.Almost all the people and things in Chinese and foreign literary works, both ancient and modern, have been copied in contemporary Chinese life.The Death of a Minor Official, the Chameleon, the Return of the Nobleman, AH Q, Mumu, that’s what we see, and the more you read, the more things in literature, both ancient and modern, you suddenly realize how they manifest themselves almost exactly again in our reality.And far more unique and jaw-dropping than the plot of the novel.So how can we write a novel in this situation?One of the differences between Chinese novels, especially short stories, and foreign novels is that foreign novels began to pay attention to people’s psychology at a very early stage, writing about psychological problems.And we probably spend more energy on the technology itself.I personally noticed a good phenomenon, a writer who MAKES me feel, sixty-five years old, half old, feel relieved.And I think that’s something that’s going to be comforting to all of you.That is to say, in some of our less developed provinces, such as Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia, Guizhou and some small cities, there are some writers who have close ties with the countryside and have deep feelings. They are different from us.For example, in the novel I just wrote, THERE are some things that I care about in the countryside. I live in the city from the perspective of a city person, from the perspective of a writer, and then I think about rural things like that.It just means you’re paying attention.How deeply do you feel about the people that you focus on.Objectively speaking, no.Because you haven’t lived with those specific people.So this is how we write the novel.But others are different.Maybe the peasants were part of his family, related in one way or another.They may go back to the village for the Spring Festival.Eat at the same table.They don’t talk the same way we hear about whose job they do, how much they make, what happens to them in the city.So whether it’s the prose or the fiction that these people are writing, he’s going to bring another sense to the journals, to the literary world.The one that we’re talking about, reading those works, feeling the emotion between the lines is deep, there is a kind of blood, flesh and blood connection of the work.That’s what we were born without.So we are gratified, I know, that some of these authors have already been produced, have been out there working in their own way.Some of the critics in our writers’ Association, such as Mr. Lei Da, would tell me that I had reviewed the works of young writers in Xiaosheng, Shanxi and Gansu.One day, writers like you will read it.So I think that’s a relief for us.But that doesn’t mean we can’t write.We only want to see their work, indirectly to feed their work, to enhance our writing requirements.My whole feeling is that short stories are like Rubik’s cubes, the same thing, in several ways.For example, I talked about this in college.This must have been my first years at BLCU, when I taught the first class of students, almost ten years ago.Because one day I at home watching TV, what see, see us hit-and-run, then my home the little aunt, sichuan small aunt said, her uncle said, you don’t know in the us there is not such, run well, sometimes, in our country is if the hit man, dying, sometimes the driver will be come back,Reverse repeatedly.I was so shocked to hear that, I thought how could this happen.She said there was.She said that in my country, if you get hit by a car and don’t get killed or disabled, then for the rest of your life, that relationship has happened to you.If the one-time death, that is over, how much money should be awarded how much money, on the money is over, if disabled, in our disabled here, I can not find a job because of disabled, but also to your home, I can not marry because of disabled, but also to your home.She said that such things had happened in our area, which the court could not make clear.So many people are afraid of such things, will become a way like that.Then I mentioned this example in my college class when I talked about the principle of humanism among our countrymen.One of my boys wrote a novel about it called “What Happened at Midnight.”How was the novel written?Is a, b two farmers, are good friends, is growing up.He bought a new truck and asked a to accompany him to drive it back from the county seat. A had driven it long ago, so on the way back, A told him about traffic laws and regulations and what to pay attention to, such as wind and rain, wipers and so on, and then said, What if it hit someone?Don’t get out. Close your eyes and back up.Why is that?I had a truck a couple of years ago, and it just goes on and on and on and on and on and your sister-in-law divorced me?Didn’t you just take the kids with you?Finally cars were sold, and finally to compensate this, can only astern, two men are so saying, the time has been to rain, suddenly a umbrella handle was obscured by the winds are blowing car front window, then they will feel bouncing off the front and at the same time have a flash, the front wheel was bouncing off again, b is scared, scared look b received, back to say,B is at a loss.This elder brother is very loyal, for him to reverse, after two consecutive reverses the car, drives the car to go home, each returns home to drink.When this b returned home to drink, he suddenly turned to see, the umbrella on the wall disappeared, a yellow umbrella, because he agreed with his wife, in the intersection waiting for his car back, his wife to buy something, and then to take.This b at this time drunk again, drunk of time, think affirmation is his wife with yellow umbrella cover that car front window.So he went to Jia’s house. Jia was also drinking wine to calm down the shock.When two people are talking back and forth, the second one hates the first one, and then a physical altercation occurs.Then one push, and pushed down the armour, pushed down the head and hit the corner of the stove.He lost his friend again.This b one think, wife dead, friend also dead, return home to drink some wine again, think, oneself also dead.Then it becomes a case, and the case becomes that the county public security Bureau and the city public security Bureau cannot solve the case.What’s going on?They were together the day before yesterday, both families are fine, it’s childhood, there’s nothing else.Even analysis could not figure out what happened between them, so experts from Beijing could only be put there as a cold case in the end.It was written by one of my students.But the other students said, teacher, we don’t like this story very much, they said there is another way to write it, can we, because we are discussing, everyone raised their hands.Some students said, that means these two men are dead, just like that.Died, the woman went home, mill is not that woman, is just the woman’s umbrella blown over, the woman returned home don’t know what happened between the two elder brothers, her husband commit suicide by hanging, quickly go to look for his friend, the two men is how to return a responsibility, of course, please the public security bureau, public security bureau, including the villagers first reaction is,What’s going to happen?In the end, the focus is on whether the woman, the act of being a woman, is wrong.And this woman thinks I’m being wronged, but experts, or whatever, including villagers, will see it that way.The woman thought, I can’t stay in this village any longer, and then she left, carrying the heavy cross, the wronged cross, to other villages, to other villages this kind of gossip will follow to other villages.In the end, rumors like this chased her away from a family.Who listen, she also happened in front of that thing, who do not do.At last this woman no one knew where she had gone.