Not sure what’s going to happen next semester in the sixth grade?Parents of the Class of 2022 check this out

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A few days ago, Doctor Published an article about the policy of junior high school, which got a wall crack response from his fans.Today, The doctor will share another article with you. For the parents of 2022, please click here to check it out and bookmark it.February holiday is always a good chance of overtaking is bend and some children spend time on beer and skittles, they enjoy the happiness, but nature must also waste the learning time, some children learn insisted on holiday, take time to concentrate on you are not familiar with the knowledge and chapter, every day we adhere to the good word accumulation and memorizing words, at the same time, adjust their own state,Preview the knowledge points of the next semester.Dr Tell you a little methods: lessons in holiday not forty minutes rest for 10 minutes, we had the whole time, we can set an alarm clock, math, for example, make an examination time countdown, their detection to complete a piece of paper, grading, can not only help us training examination speed, can also improve their test focus.Key words: March, April in previous years there will be schools in March to release April test notice, but because of this year’s “double reduction” policy landing, some provinces or cities will not necessarily carry out April test, parents need to pay timely attention to their children in the region of the test notice, scientific review, actively take the exam.At the same time in the beginning of the republic of China comprehensive lottery background, some students will also consider helicopter public.Key words: Students who need to transfer their school status across the district in May, if they want to enter the junior middle school of public Participation in the Republic of China, they need to apply for the process of transferring their school status across the district according to the process. However, parents should pay attention to the information and policy of entering the school.Summer has finally come, and the children’s primary school life has finally come to a successful end. But before this end, there is still a very important exam — the primary school graduation exam, on which all the children have to test their six years of learning results.This period, each junior high school enrollment brochure also continued to emerge.At the same time, private junior high schools will also be released in succession, parents can observe the school plan enrollment number according to the data of previous years to do reference, and finally choose a comprehensive school to participate in the lottery.The doctor’s share is here, the treasure father treasure mother hurriedly collect, the child studies hard, we do parents also want to do a good helper for the child.