He stayed in the United States to obtain a doctor of atmospheric physics, but returned to do finance, his father is the former Premier of The State Council

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Zhu Rongji is the former Premier of The State Council. Many people say that he has made great contributions to the country, but few people know the story of his family.As a matter of fact, Zhu rongji was very strict with his family. Although he was a senior official, he never relied on his position to help his family seek profits.Zhu rongji’s son, Zhu Yunlai, has been described as “The most influential business leader in Asia who has made great achievements in the financial industry.However, educated by his father, Zhu Rongji, Zhu yunlai also kept a low profile and never revealed his family background.Although Zhu yunlai did not make some achievements in politics like his father, he did shine in his favorite field.Zhu yunlai has long been one of the biggest names in the financial industry, but he doesn’t actually have an academic background.In order to achieve more achievements in atmospheric physics, Zhu Yunlai went to the University of Wisconsin to study alone and obtained a doctor’s degree in this field.In this field, Zhu yunlai could have made a great contribution, but he chose to change his major to finance industry.As a newcomer to the financial industry, learning was the best way for him to enter the industry, so he went to Chicago to study at The University of Chicago, and earned a master’s degree in accounting in only eight months.I have to say that In this industry, Zhu Yunlai is very talented.After graduation, he worked in an accounting firm for several years. During this period, Zhu Yunlai accumulated a lot of financial knowledge and studied hard during working time, laying a solid foundation for him to become an important member of the financial industry in the future.After working here for a few years, he resigned and decided to make a contribution to the domestic financial world.In China, Zhu Yunlai could have entered a better position with his father’s background and lived a smooth life, but he still kept a low profile. He hid his family affairs and only appeared in the financial industry as a master of general accounting.After returning to China, he entered China International Capital Corporation as an intern. During this period, he was unanimously recognized by his colleagues and leaders. As a meticulous worker, Zhu Yunlai soon gained a place in China with excellent work ability and made certain achievements.Zhu later served on the management committee of China International Capital Corporation and became its CEO four years later.Speaking of Zhu Yunlai, many people often say that he is meticulous in his work. He is serious and responsible for his work, but he knows nothing about his family environment.And this is also one of his outstanding work ability, do not rely on his family.Low-key Zhu Yunlai rarely face the camera, these things are never grandiose, has been unanimously recognized.Because zhu Yunlai, a professional in the financial industry, has a unique perspective on the domestic economic situation.For example, people complain about the high housing price. Facing this problem, Zhu Yunlai is very sure that the housing price will fall in the future. As the people’s demand, the housing price will fall until the people can afford it.Facing the current domestic economic situation, Zhu Yunlai believes that China’s economic development speed is very fast, but at the same time, we should also pay attention to the quality of growth, I think it is likely to cause long-term process and loss.As Zhu gained more recognition in the financial industry, he began to speak out about the current economic situation at large events.In view of the development of the current domestic manufacturing industry, Zhu Yunlai openly lamented that since the reform and opening up, the domestic manufacturing industry has made great progress, I believe that in the near future, the country’s industrialization will further develop in a sophisticated direction.Today, Zhu yunlai is the only president of an international investment bank in China, and he has a unique perspective on his career direction and prospects.There is no doubt that Zhu Yunlai has made some contributions to the domestic financial industry after his graduation, and in the near future, he will make China’s economy have a better development with his previous experience.