What happens when a woman goes into menopause?Open food, or nourishing skin to delay aging

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Menstruation, is every female friend’s life will experience the process, every girl friend from the beginning of puberty development, menstruation face the first menarche, after every month will have menstruation on time visit.The occurrence of menstruation is also the result of the joint action of ovary and uterus. The ovary secretes female hormones and thickens the endometrium. When the endometrium thickens to a certain extent, periodic growth will occur and fall off, thus forming menstruation.However we all know, menstruation is not accompanied by the time a woman’s life, as the growth of the age, women friends arrived after 35 years of age, the body organ function decline, ovarian function is also gradually decline, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, can appear the phenomenon of menopause to 40 years old or so, also on behalf of the women ovarian function decline, loss of fertility,Aging speeds up.So this time, also on behalf of the female friends entered menopause, the characteristics of gonad function starts to decline, there is no way for hormones and other physiology function, ovarian function decline during this period, hormone secretion decreased, also can appear all kinds of discomfort, so at this time of the female friends should be more ready to regulate and maintain in time, can let you safely through smoothly.What happens when a woman goes into menopause?1, menstruation becomes irregular female friends after entering menopause, due to the degeneration of ovarian function, the level of estrogen in the body decreases, the most important performance is menstruation becomes irregular, menstrual volume, menstrual cycle becomes unstable, some menstruation comes for 10 days, and some female friends do not menstruation for several months,Are 2 often hot flashes, sweating is close to the performance of the menopause period is not only related to the uterus, is associated with ovarian, when women enter the menopause, ovarian function decline, estrogen levels decline, leading to a female friend in hot flashes and night sweats, characterized by from the face and neck, finally spread to the whole body, especially the process of sleeping at night is more apparent.3, mental instability after friends in the decision period, because of the decline of ovarian function, eat hormone levels drop every day, mood will therefore be affected, most of the performance of temper anxiety, poor mental state, sometimes they are difficult to control.4, poor skin luster female friends into menopause, due to the decreased secretion of estrogen level in the body, will also lead to great changes in the skin of female friends, insufficient estrogen skin will lose the support of collagen, become loose and saggy, no luster.5, osteoporosis with the growth of female friends, people to a certain age after the arrival of menopause, early calcium loss accelerated, decreased vitality, bones will become fragile, more prone to bone and joint pain, affect the health of bones, and even osteoporosis.① Dairy products, whether milk or yogurt, are common drinks in life, and they are rich in calcium, protein and a variety of trace elements as well as B vitamins and various amino acids.These nutrients are beneficial to human health ingredients, can effectively stimulate the central nervous system, repair damaged cells, improve sleep quality, can play a role in calming the mind, alleviate insomnia and dreams, can also supplement calcium, protect bone health, especially suitable for menopausal women friends.(2) Dendrobium officinale do not know everyone in life, have you ever heard of dendrobium officinale this food material, in fact, this is a very rich nutritional value of the substance, but also has a very strong medicinal effect, which contains dendrobium alkali and dendrobium polysaccharide, can help female friends to protect the ovary, prevent premature aging, delay the time of menopause.(3) Saponin rice saponin rice, also known as snow lotus seeds, is a kind of food with very rich nutritional value, but also as high energy and low fat food, which contains a lot of collagen, can play a role in nourishing Yin and relieving menstruation, invigorating the spleen and nourishing the kidney, beauty, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.Especially suitable for menopausal women to eat, it contains natural snow lotus, flavonoids lu 5, can help protect the health of women’s uterus and ovary, promote the secretion of estrogen in the body, maintain hormone balance, nourish skin, delay aging.(4) Pueraria pueraria root can not only be eaten, but also has a very rich medicinal value. As a traditional Chinese medicine, it is especially suitable for female friends to eat, especially after female friends decide, because of the decrease of hormone level in the body, it will accelerate aging.Pueraria root contains isoflavone composition, can promote estrogen secretion, maintain hormone balance, effectively nourish the uterus and ovary, delay the aging rate, can also improve sleep quality, improve mental state, improve color.Soy products soy products are also known as women’s good friends, soy products contain a large number of plant hormones and soy isoflavones this second is similar to estrogen in the female body of a natural plant hormone.For the female friends after entering menopause can often eat soy products, effectively promote estrogen secretion, maintain hormone balance, help to nourish the health of the ovary and uterus, improve adverse effects of menopause, can also supplement calcium, prevent osteoporosis, protect bone health.6. Deep sea fish fish is one of the life of common meat, the fat calories are very low, eat more also don’t have to worry about get fat, and the deep sea fish are rich in calcium, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of nutrients, can effectively protect cardiovascular health, reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), especially suitable for menopause, women friends care,Cardiovascular health supplement.Common walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, pecan nuts, these nuts contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin B and vitamin C, as well as a variety of nutrients.As a friend of menopausal women, appropriate supplements can effectively improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and increase high-density lipoprotein, which can play a good role in regulating the body during menopause.Roxburgh rose, one of the vitamin content is very high, has always been known as the king of VITAMIN C, female friends in life, appropriate to eat more can effectively maintain the ovary, supplement a variety of nutrients, provide energy, but also can improve the physiological and psychological state, help to maintain hormone balance, improve color.In addition, do the following two aspects, also help delay the age of menopause: 1, to maintain harmony between husband and wife female friends after entering menstruation, due to the change of hormone levels in the body, psychological changes will therefore occur, may reduce the desire in this respect.But still remind female friends, try to keep husband and wife harmony is a typical way to maintain, not only help to maintain the degree of harmony between husband and wife, but also can delay the aging rate in certain aspects.2, active exercise as the saying goes that life lies in exercise, adhere to exercise, can improve physical quality, enhance resistance and immunity, reduce the risk of disease, can also speed up blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve cell vitality.Especially into the whole weather after the female friends, because of the changes in hormone levels in the body, more should actively participate in sports, can make the ovary become more young, maintain hormone balance in the body, let you more smoothly through menopause.If you have a different opinion or idea, please share it in the comments section below.