The artificial breeding and release of Soft-shelled turtle in Lingtai in 2021 was successfully completed

2022-06-27 0 By

On March 29, 2022 lumen of 2021 zhuhai gv 10 counties of artificial breeding discharge activity in xiangxi lumen of aquatic germ plasm resources at the national level, discharge lumen of pheasant turtle 13050, only 78 grams, the largest minimum 31 grams, a total of 190000 yuan, all conform to put in the standard, fry by gv 10 county pear in fishery breeding farmers’ professional cooperative,The main discharge is in the middle and upper reaches of jianhe river and the downstream reaches of Liugou Mountain.Municipal animal husbandry and fishery station in charge of leaders, county agricultural and rural system people’s Congress representatives, CPPCC members, county rong media center reporters and cadres and mass representatives more than 20 people participated in the whole release activity by the city notary office on-site notarization supervision.Gv 10 of xiangxi lumen of artificial breeding discharge activities held for two years, has accumulated 25130 discharge quantity, campaigns to promote the harmonious development of man and nature, recovery of river basin lumen of population size, rare wild animals protection of aquatic germ plasm resources, maintenance of river basin ecological balance and aquatic biodiversity is of great significance.