Park Geun-hye didn’t leave home for 4 days lawyer: She is resting peacefully

2022-06-27 0 By

Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, 71, returned to her hometown on Thursday after leaving the hospital and stayed in her home for four consecutive days, attracting public attention, the Seoul Economic Daily reported.Lawyer Yoo Young-ha revealed on The 27th that Park Geun-hye is resting at ease, and the media and people expecting to see her please wait patiently.Park’s foot was still bandaged when she spoke on the day of her return, Yoo said.She needs to rest now and get better.Ms. Park went home and had a good night’s sleep, Mr. Yoo said.In a speech at her home after leaving the hospital on Thursday, Park thanked the public for their warm welcome and pledged to bring in talented people to contribute to the development of her hometown and the country.During the period, she was thrown bottles by unknown personnel, more than ten bodyguards swarmed, surrounded park Geun-hye, no one was injured.Wreaths are piled outside Park geun-hye s new home on Tuesday.For days, hundreds of supporters have gathered outside Park’s new home to visit and celebrate, lining up in long lines and laying wreaths.(Overseas network)