On New Year’s Eve, the bingcheng police carried out a centralized inventory of fireworks and firecrackers

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New Year’s Eve, family reunion, but also set off fireworks high time period.To practically strengthen banned in Harbin area to burn fireworks ban work, efforts to control, Harbin city public security bureau party committee organized group lead in New Year’s eve fireworks banned banned focused actions, a total of the police in the city of more than 3200 people, the administrative punishment law violator of 232 people, dissuade, stop setting off 2300, criticism education more than 2400 people,More than 2,500 pieces of fireworks were confiscated.During the action, city public security bureau closely around the Harbin city people’s congress standing committee on the decision of the ban on fireworks “, the requirements of the relevant intensify law enforcement patrol, patrol investigation, comprehensively strengthen the community and pavement will forces distribution to the streets and residential quarters, to develop personal, create positions type cruise control, discover, to investigate and punish illegal setting off in time,We will fully implement the standards and requirements that police forces, responsibilities and measures are in place.The Daoli Branch transferred elite forces around the key areas to carry out an inventory operation, a total of more than 600 police officers to control the behavior of setting off fireworks.More than 200 fireworks were stopped in time, 260 people were criticized and educated, 35 people were given administrative punishment, and 433 fireworks and firecrackers were confiscated.Led by the public security brigade, the Daowai branch dispatched more than 340 police officers, dissuaded more than 350 violations of setting off fireworks and firecrackers, criticized and educated more than 380 people, dealt with more than 30 illegal offenders according to law, and confiscated more than 440 fireworks and firecrackers.Nangang Sub-bureau selected 450 people from the public security brigade, police patrol brigade, police station police force, 180 police cars, combined with street patrol, to control the behavior of setting off fireworks.As of midnight on February 1, a total of 412 acts of setting off fireworks were discouraged, 75 people received administrative punishment, 420 people were criticized and educated, and 210 fireworks were confiscated.Xiangfang branch dispatched more than 400 police officers and 230 police cars to ban the burning and firing of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. As of 6 am on February 1st, 37 people had been punished and 387 illegal fireworks and firecrackers had been dissuaded.In strict accordance with the overall deployment requirements of the Municipal Bureau, all levels of public security departments and police stations have strictly investigated violations of laws and regulations, carried out inspections on relevant units, places, communities and streets, and formed a situation of banning burning and releasing under strict control.Next, bingcheng police will continue to strengthen inspection and law enforcement efforts.At the same time to remind the general public: to strictly abide by the relevant regulations, do not illegally buy and sell, transport, storage, fireworks, work together to create a safe and comfortable urban environment.