Notice No.19 and 20 of suzhou City on Epidemic Prevention and Control of 2022

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According to the relevant provisions of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council and the comprehensive evaluation and judgment of the expert advisory group, the municipal headquarters decided to adjust the following areas to medium-risk areas from 22:00, February 16, 2022, while the risk levels of other areas remain unchanged.Suzhou Industrial Park: Building 11, Building 49, Building 49, Building 1, Building 1, Building 16, Building 118, Xiajiaqiao, Wuzhong District: Building 43, Building 43, Building 60, Building 53, Changshu City:Notice of Suzhou Municipal Joint COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command on Designation of COMMUNITY COVID-19 Prevention and Control Areas Since 13 February 2022, a number of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid tests have been found positive in Suzhou.In order to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of residents, the expert group has made the following decision on the designation of COVID-19 prevention and control areas in communities and relevant requirements: 1.Enclosed control Area: Suzhou Industrial Park: Building 22, East Lake Dayjun Garden Area 1, Building 115, East Lake Dayjun Garden Area 4 (Dongcheng), Building 26, Jinxi Garden, Building 18, Lanxi Garden (Lantiao International), Unit 1, Building 16, Lakeside Tiancheng Garden.Wujiang District: Oasis Huating Building 41, 42, Fujin Huating Building 12, Niuyaojing Community no. 1-40, Chang ‘an Garden.Wuzhong district: dushu lake west Jin Yue garden issue 19 blocks, mudu shen xiang 47-69, Yin Shan 43 house, dragon west lake view garden phase 3 g (arrow que estates) 40, 273 building stone bay garden, long big village in the torso creek horse Lou, shuimu huayuan (tsinghua) erected high-rise residential, clear water bay garden 60, Yin Shan lake view garden four period of 55, dike garden 53.Gusu area:Building 18, Tianchen Garden,Gule niuxiang hot pot shop, no. 80-82 shao mo needle lane, batefan clothing store, no. 21-27 shao mo needle lane, miumiufamily clothing store, no. 60 guan qian street, coconut milk shop, no. 69 guan qian street, bala bala children’s clothing store, no. 36-38 shao mo needle lane, hanyi xiu clothing store, building 3, building 4, changxin yuan south district 4.Xiangcheng District: Building 3 of Charm Garden, Building 26 of Guandu Garden, Building 12 of Phase 8 of Fenghuiyuan Garden East (Hejing Fenghui).Changshu city: Amethyst Creative Plaza (Amethyst City) building 5.2.Control Area: Suzhou Industrial Park:East lake garden “, “east lake county garden area, county, district (county) east district, jinxi garden, Beijing science and technology (suzhou) co., LTD., Beijing science and technology set accommodation area, and the chip manufacturing (suzhou) co., LTD., and ship when wo yuan set accommodation area, treasure to science and technology (China) co., LTD, suzhou treasure in electric tools co., LTD., east king industrial workshop, materials science gusu laboratories, rings XiYuan(Lantiao International), Xiantang Old Street Dayi Tea, lakeside Tiancheng Garden.Wujiang District: Yongding Nursing home, Oasis Huating, Fujin Huating, Yue Hui life square (Phoenix), Niuyaojing community.Wuzhong District: Dushu Lake West Jinyue Garden Phase I, Yinshan Lake Aegean East Sports Hall, Mudu Town Shenxiang Village, Longxi New Village (Moliyuan, Jianque Yuan, Lianhua Yuan), Shihuwan Garden South Area, Changju Village Xiapabang, Yinshan Lakeview Garden Phase III, Bishuiwan Garden, Yinshan Lakeview Garden Phase IV.Gusu District: Tianchen Garden, changxin yuan south area.Xiangcheng District: Charming Garden, Guandu Garden, Fenghuiyuan East Garden (Hejing Fenghui) Phase 8, phase 9.Changshu city: Amethyst Creative Plaza (Amethyst City).In accordance with the Requirements of the Notice on The Issuance of Community Prevention and Control Plans for COVID-19 by the Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council, the containment areas shall be “closed in areas, stay indoors and provide door-to-door services”.In the control area, “people are not allowed to leave the area and gathering is strictly prohibited”.Please the masses of residents and resident units employees make personal protection, pay attention to scientific and wearing masks, wash your hands often and often ventilated, not organization, do not participate in the necessary activities of a mass, achieves is little, not a string, cluster, gathered themselves together, and more than a metre social distance, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control of the implementation of the measures, such as in violation of the provisions of relevant epidemic spread risk,We will be held accountable in accordance with the law.Suzhou COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading headquarters on February 16, 2022 in suzhou city of risk areas (29) on February 16, 22 (2022), amethyst, changshu city 5 central Europe holiday garden 9 building in wujiang district city changan garden oasis Minneapolis community building 41 21 dushu lake wuzhong district building guo lane street west Jin Yue garden issue 19 mudu town shen xiang village 47Shimao stone bay garden, 69 ~ 2, 273 bank tsinghua 97 Lu straight under the mayor Johnson village gathers up the city in 172 dragon horse Lou west saemaul undong que yuan (arrow) 40 Yin Shan lake view garden in the third phase of 43, clear water bay garden 60 brigitte dike peninsula 53 charm city suzhou vanke garden 3 house officer blaspheme 8 period 12 building community building and Victoria towers 26 remit gusu area tianchen village 18 a big gardenBuilding no.3, Zhuyuan Building No.22, Phase II, Donghu Dajun Garden, Suzhou Industrial Park Building No.115, Dongchengjun Building No.18, Lanxi Garden, No.12, Xitang Old Street Building No.26, Jinxi Garden, Jinglong Living Area, Xingshengke Building No.11, Fenghuang City Building No.49, Mingsun Star Building No.1, Lakeside Tiancheng Garden Building No.16, Xiajiaqiao Building No.9