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Home furnishing industry has entered the transition period. Under the new market demand, the industry seems to be saying goodbye to the stage of weak consumer brand recognition. More and more innovative enterprises begin to focus on creating new brands and establish stronger interactive relationship with consumers through DTC.There is also a view that the home furnishing-industry will rise in the next decade, not as a brand of sales venue like traditional stores, but as a channel brand with stronger control and insight on products, services and consumer demand.No matter product brand or channel brand, after saying goodbye to the era of single communication media, fragmented and diversified information channels make it more difficult for enterprises to establish brands.Investors tend to have a more macro and forward-looking perspective, and investors with experience in growing with many brands can provide more detailed and practical guidance on trends below prediction.Hongzhang Capital, as a first-tier fund, has participated in a huge number of brand building cases. Weng Yino, the founding partner, has exported a lot of methodology in retail and brand in recent years, which is mostly readable and practical.”The Future of New Brands” book from the perspective of brand traceability, consumption decisions, market opportunities, channel selection, a comprehensive description of the core of brand creation, worth every operator carefully read.Author | zong hui this paper for the home page of original articles, the copyright belongs to the home page, without authorization shall not reproduced in any form, please reprint demand through the comments in time to contact us.