The list is public!This interview activity of Lanzhou University was selected as the quality project of Ideological and Political Work in colleges and universities in 2022

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The Department of Ideological and Political Work of the Ministry of Education has released the announcement of the selection results of the cultivation and construction projects of ideological and political work in colleges and universities in 2022.Lanzhou University “News Students revisiting the Northwest Corner of China”;Relay interview was selected as the quality project of ideological and political work in colleges and universities in 2022.In 2018, the 7th news Students “Revisiting the Northwest Corner” relay interview activity jointly sponsored by the School of Journalism and Communication of Lanzhou University and China stood out from nearly 1500 entries and was selected into the third “Five 100″ Network Positive Energy boutique.”Revisiting the Northwest Corner of China” relay interview activity of journalism students is a brand practice teaching activity of Journalism and Communication School of Lanzhou University.Since 2010, every summer vacation, the teachers of the team led the students to set out from Lanzhou and follow the route that the famous journalist Fan Changjiang traveled to the northwest. They went deep into the grassroots and practiced the whole process of news production by walking, observing, interviewing and reporting like journalists.It has attracted teachers and students from more than 10 universities, including Peking University, Fudan University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Sichuan University, Tianjin Normal University and so on, benefiting more than 1,400 students.In the activities, students of journalism touch the vast northwest land, feel the customs of northwest, perceive the changes of northwest, record the vivid stories happened in northwest, the great achievements achieved, and tell the stories of northwest Corner of China with emotion with the feelings of journalists in the new era.Northwest Normal University and Longdong College were included in the list.(Copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)