Psychology: to understand a person, look at the circle of friends is enough

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Foreword: How can we compare a person’s mind to an iceberg, so considerable consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg above water.Underwater icebergs are huge mountains, so we are often unconsciously influenced by our subconscious in our lives.At this time, we have to be thoughtful, but a lot of times there is an element of hypocrisy.So the circle of friends is the right place in today’s society.Through psychological analysis, want to recognize a person, do not look at his words and deeds, see he posted to the circle of friends can be informed.In fact, everyone’s personality can be revealed from the details of life. Now wechat is one of the most basic social tools for everyone, and we can roughly see the inner personality by looking at its moments of friends.Wechat has become one of the most frequently used communication tools in this era.The circle of friends has also become a record of people’s lives.Records each of our love and hatred, joys and sorrows, and so on.In fact, we can tell a person’s mood, situation and personality by Posting moments.Research has found that deleting your friends’ moments is the truest way to look like a person, rather than Posting them on facebook.Let’s take a look and analyze the psychological characteristics behind moments behavior.Believe that everyone of us have the following types of people in the circle of friends, some people never take the initiative to send a news.Some people post almost every day, or even many.Psychological studies show that such people are more introverted and even more perfectionist in life.Therefore, they are not good at talking and have higher requirements for themselves.On the contrary, those who post on the circle of friends are very outgoing, most of whom are careless, and even very happy every day.So we can tell a lot about a person from their tweets.1. Delete it immediately after sending a message many people delete it after a few minutes or even a second.This kind of person actually has the following two kinds of psychology.The first is because you don’t want your bad mood to affect the people around you, and you don’t even want others to see you in your worst way.The second point is to seek psychological comfort, feeling sent after the circle of friends will resolve their mood.However, if there is no one to comfort them, they will be quickly deleted.In fact, this kind of people their mind is very simple, often very happy during the day.But in the dead of night, a person alone sad.This kind of person can be said to be very lonely and needs to be understood and loved by those around him.There are some people who regularly delete and organize their moments. Most of them pursue perfection and hope to leave positive and positive content to others.They usually don’t care what the outside world thinks, and they won’t change themselves easily for a person.They have their own pace of life and are responsible, but sometimes they take their relationships more seriously.So we can see the truest psychology from a person’s Posting on moments.3. They never Delete their Circle of friends.They can’t bear to remember the past, so they will quietly hide it.Because when a person looks at old photos and memories, it hurts.This kind of people tend to be very emotional, but do not know how to express it in life.Often meet Wu Siqi, so always let oneself sad.In fact, the most important thing for us to get along with a person is the quality of the other person. From communication and communication, we can roughly feel what kind of person the other person is.Through their circle of friends, you can truly reflect their qualities.Birds of a feather flock together like people flock together like people flock together.The same things in the world always get together, so a lot of times you want to know what kind of person each other is, what kind of preferences.You can tell by his circle of friends and people.Conclusion: I believe that each of us has his own circle, the circle is different do not squeeze in.We should find our own way of life and living habits.If you can’t work hard, don’t always try to please others.If you feel uncomfortable in a relationship, then this relationship we should learn to timely stop loss, hope that each of us can have a pair of poet’s eye, find their own life circle.Today’s topic: How to judge people in life?Welcome to comment.Photos | source network resources | Journal of cognitive neuroscience