If you could “cancel one subject”, which one would it be?The students’ Party’s answers were surprisingly consistent

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Since students enter primary school, Chinese, mathematics and English are the three subjects that students must contact and learn, and also need students to learn all the time.With the growth of students’ grade, they are exposed to more and more subjects. Physics and chemistry will be added in junior middle school.When it comes to high school, students have to learn 9 courses, so it can be said that the learning pressure of students is very great. Although high school will be divided into subjects, students also need to learn 6 courses.In all subjects, there is almost no guarantee that students can learn well. Every student has subjects that he or she likes and wants to learn. Of course, there are also subjects that students hate and don’t want to learn.So if a school could cancel a course, what would students do?Students’ party responses were surprisingly consistent, with “English” being their favourite course to be scrapped, followed by “maths” and “physics” in third place.So why do students want these three courses to be dropped?Let’s talk about English first. The reason given by the students is very simple. They can’t understand it even if they work hard.There are too many English words to master, English grammar is difficult to understand, and English is a drag in every exam, resulting in poor comprehensive results.And even if you learn English well, you hardly use it in your daily life.The practicability is poor, so there is no need to waste time and energy to learn.In terms of mathematics, as the saying goes, “Learning mathematics, physics and chemistry is not afraid of the world”. Mathematics, as the first science, has a pivotal position.However, with the growth of the grade and the deepening of learning difficulty, many students complain bitterly about mathematics, especially high school students. It is very difficult to learn, so they hope to cancel it.As for physics, the reason is similar to math, the girl said that every time the physics class is like listening to the book, do not understand, the exam is only 20 or 30 points, if it can be canceled is the best.English, maths and physics are the subjects students want to abolish most, with English being the most popular.Is English really useless?The answer is no, of course, English and Chinese, are international common language, according to statistics, there are more than 400 million people in the world have English as mother tongue, which shows the importance of English.Needless to say from a long-term perspective, as one of the three major subjects, English is ubiquitous no matter in school tests, middle school and college entrance exams, or even postgraduate entrance exams.And a lot of colleges and universities are required when students graduate must have the certificate of English level 4, otherwise suspend the issuance of graduation certificate.Even when looking for a job, many enterprises will clearly state in the recruitment requirements, to have a certificate of Cet-4, in such a social trend, how can speak English useless?What’s the reason not to learn English?”I am A Chinese, do not need to learn English” is a sentence that students often say, in the comfort of this sentence, let their English performance to the extreme.In the end, because of English scores and was shunted out of the middle school entrance examination, can not take an examination of high school, can not go to university, presumably this is not what we want to see the result.So don’t be deceived by the “Useless English theory” to you, students who are not good at English, don’t let their grades have been poor, even if from now on, it is not too late.Reading comprehension and composition are the two parts that score the most on an English test. If you do these two parts well, there will be a big difference in your test score.In fact, no matter what subject exam, there are answering skills, English is no exception, in terms of reading comprehension, the first and last paragraph of the article and the first and last sentence of each paragraph should be carefully read, you can better understand the general idea of the article.When making an English essay, you can read the question first. After reading the full text and finding the answer to the question, you should not be in a hurry to choose. Only by careful analysis and complete understanding can you choose the right answer.As for the composition, and Chinese composition, not usual accumulation, so the students in the usual time to recite some classic sentence patterns and paragraphs, more practice, find the teacher comments, timely modification.Finally, I would like to say: there is no shortcut to learning English, only step by step and down-to-earth to go forward, the knowledge of the teacher to timely school flower and absorption, words and phrases must pass.English belongs to the nature of liberal arts, the effect of understanding and doing questions without backlight is relatively slow, so we should work together to improve our English scores.According to the current trend, English will not be cancelled, so we hope that students can treat The English course rationally, in the process of learning, it is best not to appear biased, so as not to affect their overall scores.Which course would you like to cancel if you could?Welcome to the comments section.