Danxia Mountain, the top of the famous mountains in Guangdong province, enjoys the extraordinary workmanship of nature and many strange rocks and rocks

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In Renhua county, northeast of Shaoguan city, Guangdong Province, there is a rare red stone park, which is vividly named by local people as the Chinese Red Stone Park.However, the red Rock park is probably better known by another name, mount Danxia, because this is where the world danxia landform is named.Mt. Danxia is mainly divided into three tourist areas, which are Yuanyang Mountain scenic area, Elders peak scenic area and Bazhai scenic area, with a development area of only 12 square kilometers at present.However, this is only in the narrow sense of Mt. Danxia, the broad sense of Mt. Danxia includes 290 square kilometers of red rocks in Renhua County, which is the largest scenic spot in Guangdong Province and one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong Province.China red stone park – Mount Danxia, located in Renhua County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, I personally recommend climbing friends to experience a Yy, the most beautiful scenery in the way up the process of climbing.Under the mountain to see the beautiful side, and climb the road, you will find it steep.Although there are bare red stones, the vegetation here is still very dense.Yangyuanshan scenic area: Huiyuan Pool > strange face Yang Yuan Stone cliff road, Fine Beauty Village, 99 tiantian Xuanji Platform, Sun cloth cliff 2 elders peak scenic area:Cable car summit bao Qomolangma, it stone, Shao Yin Pavilion, view of the day, Yin Yuan stone, many attractions have forgotten, then look at the road signs or look at the map ~ cable car reached Bao Qomolangma, walk to the elders of the peak view of the day about 40 minutes,Both take a cable car or on foot to the original road to return so browse elder peak scenic area will need at least 2 hours stair climb 80 ~ 90 degree in hand and foot too with a sense of accomplishment, leg soft when climbing the mountain, down the mountain back carefully oh acid a fear of heights, too steep to patronize the climb no photos, but is really good ~ feel a sense of accomplishment when overlooking the climb.If you want to go to people a bit less, a little more original I think choose elder peak mountain entrance that a route is better, if they are to clock out rock climbing to Yang yuan stone that line is better, if enough time, two lines are playing more perfect, anyway, I am both route clock in the beautiful scenery along the way is also pretty is much, you have to carefully appreciate, climbs so tired?It feels so good to have a breeze.At the foot of the mountain, there are countless colorful flags hanging at the Yangyuan Stone, which are sent by children and marriage, and I do not know whether it is true or false.But if you really because of shaoguan Danxia only these two stones, then you really missed the world.The scenery was even more beautiful when I got halfway up the mountain.Shaoguan is the north gate of Guangdong province, the mountains, also gave birth to the unique scenery of Mount Danxia.This is the top of the famous mountains in Guangdong.