The Art of Concord

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“No Questions” painting (oil painting, ink painting, digital) series 629 Seeded tiger oil on canvas 30X30cm 2022 “No Questions” painting (oil painting, ink painting, digital) series 630 Smiling tiger oil on canvas 30X30cm2022 “No Questions xidong” Painting (oil · Ink · digital) Series 631 Emperor Tiger Oil on canvas 30X30cm 2022 “No Questions Xidong” painting (oil · Ink · digital) series 632 Broken tiger oil on canvas 30X30cmIn 2022, the art of secret harmony entered The Three Kingdoms Era, he asked Cao Cao, said That Guo Jia asked him to ask Cao Cao’s mobile phone number, Cao Cao said that he forgot, causing everyone to burst into laughter.The little pineapple wore a fake head scarf and praised her mother in English that she was a strongman. There were several dreams about investment that I couldn’t remember.Everyone will put forward their own opinion, their most frequently used sentence: see you convenient!Never dispute with the person, withered tao, the idea is, since childhood is so, decades of character has not changed.Works on strength, relying on memory to find erotica, French illustrator soso finally found work, know how to create erotica, ink painting has a double meaning, suitable for expression of emotion is like sweet feeling, just like writing articles, bluntly, to express frank, emotional overflow on the raw xuan, can imagine the effect, have a bit can be amplified, Matisse,By color and rough lines directly into the picture.To make this eventful Spring Festival even more dramatic, go creative with an auction mission.