Rt-mart responded to its staff stepping on frozen food. Who would dare to eat such food

2022-06-25 0 By

Is it not enough to say it’s the first time it’s been exposed?According to the release of Jiguo News today, a netizen in Kunshan, Suzhou, photographed an employee in RT-Mart on 14th, climbing into the freezer, stepping on the label on the replacement of frozen goods on the container;The video appears to show people stepping directly on the hot pot freezer, with no visible isolation measures.But then the store responded: there is actually an acrylic plate across the foot without direct contact, we assume that there is this acrylic plate, but also assume that this acrylic plate is very clean, we ask, this eat into the mouth, such a way to treat it?After seeing such a picture for you, do you still buy?Would you cook it after you bought it?Do you still eat it?Even a three-year-old child knows that food dropped on the floor cannot be eaten, so it is difficult for adults to accept the frozen food trampled on. Rt-mart responded that it has reported the damage of the frozen food and may consider firing the employees involved.But WHAT I want to say is that the quality of employees reflects the corporate culture. Supermarkets, as operators, are also gatekeepers, so don’t lose your original intention.