Raoyang Library: do a good job of cultural services to the people called “scholarly Raoyang” brand

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In recent years, Raoyang County Library has given full play to the function and role of public cultural venues, persisted in providing good cultural services to the people, continuously amplified the effect of livelihood projects, and walked out of a new way of serving the masses and grassroots. In 2021, raoyang County Library was awarded the ninth National Advanced Collective serving farmers and grassroots cultural construction.Raoyang County Library is located in the Raoyang Poetry Culture square, with a total construction area of 9322.74 square meters, which is the largest county-level library in Hengshui city.The library is built in accordance with the national first-class public library standards. It is the first in Hebei province to use the big data platform, import and export system and ILAS system to automatically update data. It can intuitively see the daily number of library visitors and the real-time situation of borrowing and returning books.The museum have the self social science reading room, reading room, parent-child reading room, youth room, newspaper reading room, exhibition hall, museum, etc., a total of more than hundreds of books on, also set up a blind reading room, the electronic reading room, especially VR experience area, equipped with wisdom to read pavilion, digital reading terminal and self-help office latest modern equipment,It provides readers with a new reading experience.The museum is open free of charge all year round, more than 60 hours a week, 10 hours a day online free online consultation, answering more than 600 reader inquiries, serving more than 100,000 readers per year, becoming the city study and spiritual home of the people of the county.As the first county library social operation in the hengshui city, raoyang library has a younger, better educated and more professionally competent high-quality research and development and the management team, they continue to optimize the culture huimin service, the “RaoYi ancient and modern” meticulously “spare figure forum” “the voice of the spare figure” eight reading activities such as “very good” brand,Some of these activity brands tell the history and culture of Rao Yang, some recommend high-quality books, some are committed to cultural experience and training practical ability, suitable for minors, teenagers, the elderly and other different ages, are widely welcomed by the majority of readers.Since its opening on October 1, 2019, the library has handled 28,000 reader borrowing cards, borrowed 290,000 books, held more than 300 lectures, training, exhibitions and other cultural activities, received 500 readers per day, and was rated as the provincial Advanced county-level library and municipal Social Science Popularization Base.In order to extend its service, Raoyang County Library has built a branch library system with the county library as the main library and 200 libraries in each township as the branch library, realizing the unified service, borrowing and return, cataloguing, resource allocation and business management among the branch libraries, and improving the business coordination mechanism.They have carried out activities to send books to schools, villages and enterprises, and set up more than 160 book circulation stations, delivering 8,730 books on politics, law and literature and 580 magazines to readers of different levels, benefiting more than 15,600 people.A three-dimensional service network of positional service, online service and extension service outside the museum is integrated and complementary to each other.At the same time, the library organizes activities such as reading experience exchange, essay collection, knowledge competition, film exhibition, public lectures such as “poverty alleviation Lecture hall” and “Rural revitalization Micro class”, organizes experts to the countryside for counseling, and carries out heart-warming services such as “Books delivered to the door”, which is called “the library for solving worries” and “the library for heart-warming”.Especially to promote urban and rural public cultural service system construction, to launch “with elegant, yue read yue” activities, establish the county, rural service network nationwide reading, which placed books in 10 lines of urban and rural areas on the bus, passengers using a mobile phone simple actions can borrow the book to go home, narrow the gap between the urban and rural reading resources supply, creating the “indiscriminate library”,Let grassroots people enjoy the “equalization” of cultural reading services.So far, more than 5,800 people have participated in the event and more than 13,000 books have been borrowed.Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn