The whole people anti fraud | like online shopping you pay attention to!Beware of these scams

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With the popularity of the Internet, online shopping has become an indispensable consumption channel for consumers.But don’t forget, online shopping fraud trap tricks, we must be careful to “cut”, learn to prevent the following fraud routines in advance, to avoid “pit”!Police remind: criminals will be in the circle of friends to release false low-price shopping information, fraudulently consumer remittance purchase.It is suggested to choose regular e-commerce platforms for daily shopping and consumption as far as possible, avoiding direct transfer to ensure safety.Police remind: received a call and text messages claiming to be e-commerce platform customer service or businesses to be vigilant, carefully verify the identity of the other party, do not believe the other party’s words, must first verify the relevant situation through official channels.Once the other party asks you to transfer money, verify mobile phone number, etc., do not respond.If you suspect fraud, you can call 96110 for advice.Police warned: if there is no specific sender on the express receipt, and you have not purchased the relevant goods, it is best to refuse to accept directly to avoid property damage.If there are old people in the family who sign for express delivery, their children should also remind their elders to confirm whether they have bought relevant goods online.Police remind: in the use of second-hand trading platform shopping, do not be greedy for small cheap, the price of obvious differences in things to be vigilant.Do not bypass the platform for private transactions, and do not easily click any unfamiliar links and links related to payment. If you feel cheated, please dial 110 to report to the police in time.-end-Shantou Public Security Official wechat Account: StGA0754 Weibo: @Pingan Shantou Douyin: @Pingan Shantou