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Guangfeng Zhangjiajie Jiufeng store, Juhui car purchase province province, car purchase enjoy multiple courtesy: into the store gift: during the event invited customers can receive a sign-in gift.Test drive: Customers who come to the store for a test drive during the event will be given a test drive gift.Introduction gift: during the activity, old customers introduce new customers to buy a car, and they can get 2 barrels of original engine oil as a gift.I have a chance to get a Xiaomi TV.51worry gift: some models enjoy 0 down payment, low financial interest, 60 long term loan;Double guaranteed, enjoy 6 years 10 maintenance, up to 6 years free warranty.Replacement gift: Used car service upgrade, free evaluation!Buy any brand used car at a high price!Replacement of GaC Toyota arbitrary models enjoy up to 10000 yuan replacement subsidies.Special gift: during the event to provide Leiling double engine, Leiling, CHR-EV a small amount of special now car, the number is limited, first order first province more, all in Guangfeng Zhangjiajie Nine feng store address: Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province Yongding District Yang Huping Industrial Park nine cities in the world than hand speed time!More preferential policies welcome to inquire.The event will run from March 27, 2022 to March 27, 2022