National football team defeated Vietnam!Li Xiaopeng’s team has no fear of quitting for the moment, Zhao Zhen said that the national football team schedule is relatively intensive

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The score of 1:3, unsurprisingly, will always linger in the minds of Chinese fans.No one would expect that fan Zhiyi was in a state of emergency under a generous statement, but this year’s New Year’s day has become a painful reality.We use jokes to ridicule Fan Zhiyi to become a big prophet at the same time, can not help but for the national football team to a sigh.As a result of the defeat to Vietnam, China was completely disqualified from the World Cup and lost to Vietnam for the first time in history.As fans across the country are criticism, every name mouth and the team’s legend in pain Chen interests, to help the team’s future, but people in the big hot, but it still has a media for the team’s failure to find an excuse for all sorts of low-level, media people Zhao Zhen postings on social media, jilt pan intensive schedule to exculpate for the team’s loss.Zhao zhen explained in his article: “To put it simply, in the past two World Cup preliminary matches, our players were not only far behind their opponents in terms of physical performance, but also behind the previous matches in the final 12.This is reflected in the lack of movement, slow reflexes and lack of accuracy.It has to do with the intensity of the schedule and the training schedule for the preparation.”At first glance, this statement does have a certain degree of truth, but it cannot withstand realistic scrutiny.League and national team lead to schedule, it is not entirely Chinese team encountered alone, but all the players will meet common phenomenon, many European player faces three fronts, all did not appear the so-called body function decline, cloth Min such as the league players abroad, also is the eastlands,In the face of a dense schedule still play super strong individual strength.In order to allow the national football team to have more time to prepare and compete, the league has already made a huge sacrifice, Zhao Zhen’s remarks are clearly intended to shake the blame for the loss of the National football team to forcibly wash the white.More importantly, China’s national football team has shown the problem of insufficient physical reserves since the opening game of the round of 12. The whole defence line could not guarantee sufficient physical strength in the face of Australia, and it was completely outstripped by the opponent’s physical strength in the second half against Japan.Such a problem is definitely not the last two games just appear, but accumulated chronic disease, Zhao Zhen’s words obviously no convincing.Despite a crushing defeat that once again left fans feeling empty and helpless, life and competition still have to move on. The Chinese national football team still has two matches left in the round of 12 to play, so after returning to China, the team still has to prepare seriously.According to Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao Yuan’s news, the national football team will go to Suzhou for isolation and training, coach Li Xiaopeng will continue to coach the national football team.Although the coach of the national football team in the two games ended in defeat, let the national football team into the World Cup dream was mercilessly broken, but as the fire coach Li Xiaopeng, he really can not change the outcome.After all, from his acceptance of the Chinese national football team to the top 12 matches, the time is too short, there is no way to study more player characteristics and tactical arrangements, such a hard head of the results naturally will not happen miracle.Li Xiaopeng after losing to Vietnam, is always the responsibility on themselves, about his discussion is part of a class, but in the face of only two rounds, and the affected by the outbreak, the fa can’t in such a short period of time, a new coach, so let Li Xiaopeng smooth transition of all 12 games,Is the football association can choose the best plan at present.In addition, according to the reporter’s understanding, the coach team led by Li Xiaopeng will conduct a comprehensive replay of the two matches, so as to study the preparation plan for the last two matches of the top 12.Now that everything has been lost, let’s hope the Chinese team can play a certain tactical level in the last two matches, at least to show the fans the spirit of fighting on the pitch.