IPhoneXSM upgrade iOS15.3.1 official edition: five days of true feelings

2022-06-24 0 By

Apple five days ago pushed iOS15.3.1 official version, the system version of the word of mouth is very good, many models have been optimized, apple this time did not give up the old model iPhoneXSM, iPhoneXSM upgrade iOS15.3.1 official version of the real feeling of five days?Look at it together below, only for your machine friends reference.Battery life performance iPhoneXS Max upgrade iOS15.3.1 after the official version, the use of 5 days can feel the battery life significantly improved, more power saving.Standby power consumption at 7 hours at night is 2%, compared with 3-5% for iOS14.8.1.On a full charge, honor of Kings uses 23% of power for an hour, compared to 27% for iOS14.8.1, which is definitely a bit more power-efficient and has improved battery life.Fluency performance from iOS14.8.1 upgrade to iOS15.3.1 official version is able to feel the improvement of fluency, whether it is the left or right sliding menu, or breathe out multi-task, transition animation is very smooth, without a trace of frame off the card appeared, and iOS14.8.1 occasionally sliding will encounter frame off.Signal and call experience iPhoneXS Max upgrade to iOS15.3.1 official version of the use of five days, signal stability is the biggest feeling, a day to make more than 10 calls, no sudden interruption, in the previous iOS14.8.1 and iOS15 early version of the phone call failure phenomenon,In the elevator signal is not stable, the iOS15.3.1 official version of the same elevator does have a signal, the network will not interrupt.Game experience in iOS14.8.1 and early iOS15 system, playing games can be said to be relatively hot, but after upgrading iOS15.3 and iOS15.3.1, you can obviously feel the heat has decreased, the fever has improved a lot, not to say hot.Charging speed experience before iOS14.8.1 when just upgraded a few days, I remember is slow charging, the next few days will be good, but iOS15.3.1 official version just upgraded when the charging speed is also very fast.After the iOS15.3.1 update of iPhoneXS Max, the charging heat is also significantly improved. Basically, it is warm, and sometimes it is not even hot.Above is the iPhoneXS Max upgrade iOS15.3.1 official version of the real use of five days to share with you, for your reference, because the same model, everyone after the upgrade of the feeling is different, because everyone uses the APP scene and habits are different, from a personal point of view, upgrade or improved in all aspects,Users of the same model are recommended to upgrade.