Go to the ice and snow together, let us together to the future!This letter is written to volunteers of Zhangjiakou Competition area

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In this season of snow and ice, we look forward to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is coming.There is such a group of people, they use a heart full of enthusiasm to transfer love, love contribution, they use their own smile service transfer enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, they are – winter Olympics volunteers.One day before the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the Hebei Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Hebei Youth Federation and the Hebei Students Federation have sent a letter to the volunteers of The Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games (Zhangjiakou Area) with New Year’s greetings and highest respect.Volunteers for Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games (Zhangjiakou Area) Dear friends: With the bell of the New Year of the Tiger, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, which attracts worldwide attention and is widely anticipated, is about to open.Among the nearly 190,000 young people who signed up in Hebei, more than 4,400 volunteers for the Winter Olympic Games and more than 2,700 urban volunteers stood out from the rest. They devoted themselves to the volunteer service of the Winter Olympic Games with full enthusiasm and high spirit, and will surely write the shining footprints of their volunteer youth in this wonderful, extraordinary and excellent Olympic Games.Here, hebei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Hebei Youth Federation and Hebei Students Federation would like to extend our New Year greetings and highest respect to you!Preparations for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are a national event.We have deeply felt that the winter Olympic Games has provided an important platform for young people who are enthusiastic about volunteer service to grow up, experience and contribute.Zhangjiakou is one of the three divisions of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, where 51 gold MEDALS will be awarded, about half of the total.Your participation on behalf of the youth of China and Hebei province is a great responsibility and a glorious mission. It will surely be the most memorable youth memory in your life.I believe that you will be good communicators of the Olympic spirit, practitioners of the concept of volunteer service, and storytellers of Chinese stories, and show the most beautiful smiles and best services of Chinese youth in the new era to the world.I believe that from the test events before the Opening of the Winter Olympic Games, you have already felt that our volunteer service is an important foundation and guarantee for a successful Winter Olympic Games.Games, whether it’s the genting ski park, the national center for cross-country skiing center, national ski jumping, four competitions at the national center for winter two venues, or in the mountains of zhangjiakou news broadcast center, center, zhangjiakou mountainous village, zhangjiakou awards square, zhangjiakou zhangjiakou games are uniform and registry five non-competition venues, and the key areas in zhangjiakou city operation,Every volunteer involved is a screw.I believe that you will give full play to your expertise in your volunteer service positions and do a good job in every work, including civility, route guidance, cultural publicity, epidemic prevention reminder, first aid treatment and information report, so as to make your due contribution to the smooth and efficient operation of the security services of the Winter Olympic Games.The CPC Hebei Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Hebei Province attach great importance to the guarantee and incentive work of volunteers for the Winter Olympic Games, and vigorously advocate “serving those who serve and dedicating”. Relevant departments of hebei Province have issued a number of incentive policies to provide more care and support for the future growth and development of volunteers dedicated to the Winter Olympic Games.Starting in 2022, fresh college graduates serving for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics will enjoy the same policy as those who have completed their service in national grassroots projects such as the “Three Branches and one Support” plan and the “Volunteer Service in western China” plan. Each year, 10 percent of the recruitment plan will be used to recruit volunteers for national grassroots projects and the Winter Olympics.In hebei province college counselor of the Year, the province’s education system volunteer service advanced workers and outstanding volunteers, the performance of the Winter Olympics will be considered as an important content;In the selection of “provincial merit student” “provincial outstanding Student cadre” “provincial outstanding Communist Youth League member” “provincial outstanding Communist Youth League cadre”, according to the number of volunteers in colleges and universities, the quota will be appropriately increased for the winter Olympic volunteers alone…For zhangjiakou area of the Winter Olympics volunteers sent to the party committee, the government care!During the Olympic Games, the communist youth league sources of hebei provincial party committee and volunteers work team composed of more than 90 colleges and universities incentive assistant will be in XFX foothills, wen gen galleria, Mr Snow town, more than happy to four volunteers compound with volunteers friends eat to live, for you to do a good job of the security management, try your best to coordinate your work of “things” in life,Volunteer friends at ease to serve the Winter Olympics gala as a strong backing.Volunteers friends, games are the curtain is about to open, let us join hands to service in their respective positions to show young people should look like, show the youth of struggle, with the practical action interpretation dedication, love, mutual aid and progress of the volunteer spirit, for the present to the world a simple, safe, wonderful youth Olympic Games contribution strength!Volunteer youth, winter Olympics have me!We “together to the future”!(Hebei Daily client)