Beaten up by teammates, abandoned by country, changed nationality for a clean gold medal

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Speaking of this person, you will not be unfamiliar, in the recent you must have seen several times his name, he helped China, but was the motherland people’s net violence, that let him hurt the heart of the country, let him down again.He was forced to “treason” ahn Hyun-soo, he was South Korea’s number one ice cream, but he was abandoned by the motherland, even though he won 3 gold and 1 bronze in an Olympic Games, the reason is inexplicable, actually because refused to “dirty”.Facing the isolation of the Korean Ice skating Association, he had to go to Russia, where it was even warmer than South Korea. The President of Russia personally issued a presidential decree for him. Finally, he came to China, where China’s achievements in short track speed skating in this Winter Olympics also belong to him!Next, we’ll see his story together, viktor ahn, born in 1985 in Seoul, South Korea, his achievements in childhood is well ahead of their peers, at the age of 17 of the tournament’s champion, that is an honor of gold content is very high, which makes his bole MingGui all surprised, his explosive power and even stronger than a veteran player!MingGui as south Korean short track speed skating coach at the time, the entire MingGui abnormality to viktor ahn, a lot of games and viktor ahn did not let the coach down to watch, fate will not be so smooth, full MingGui in October that year no longer worked as a coach, new took over Yin stated a wish to develop their own confidant, viktor ahn is strong,Living space is getting smaller and smaller.From this Winter Olympics can also be reflected, the Korean team internal conflict is very fierce, often sacrifice a member to contain the opponent, and Ahn Hyun-soo incident was sparked because he refused to give up the gold medal, which belongs to his highest honor, he will not easily give away to others, even teammates!, however, the idea of justice has angered the entire Korean short track speed skating boys, viktor ahn even beaten by his teammates after the race, South Korea, hierarchical, does not allow players so regardless of collective behavior, viktor ahn almost on the blacklist, then even excluded, viktor ahn only training together with women, his heart still have a medal dream,He also did not want to disappoint The expectations of Bo Le Quan mingkyu, so he swallowed hard, just want to get a precious opportunity to participate in the Turin Winter Olympics.As Ahn did better than the other players, the national team finally called him back just before the Turin Winter Olympics, but his teammates treated him like a stranger.In this case, the support of viktor ahn only his medal dream, he muster amaze the world, except South Korea speed skating boasts the winter Olympics in Turin, he had won three gold MEDALS of the project, a project of bronze, become the largest number of athletes in the Turin Olympics winners MEDALS, congratulations from all directions, but except their own teammates.Such amazing results still did not change the attitude of teammates and the new head coach, he has been isolated.The Korean Ice Hockey Association (KSA) said that the cost of ahn’s treatment would not be covered by the KSA, and that he would have to pay for the treatment himself, because he was not injured while playing for the national team.Just as the gold medal for Ahn hyun-soo did not belong to Korea, the Korean Ice Hockey Association completely abandoned the world’s most amazing ice king, and Ahn eventually went to Russia for further rehabilitation.Russian federations of addictions, as early as in the Turin Olympics, Russia began to pay attention to the wizards, after that viktor ahn came to Russia, the Russian federations immediately on the care, and invited him to fight for Russia, viktor ahn was not originally promised, his heart and the motherland, in the face of the motherland, he also wants to fight for the motherland, but can imagine as a result,His dream of representing South Korea in The Sochi Winter Olympics was completely shattered, and for glory, he decided to fight for himself and for Russia, which treats him well!Then Russian President issued a presidential decree for him, personally awarded to Russian, the Russian federations attaches great importance to him, to know that his situation after the Russian federations is equipped with the best of the domestic rehabilitation team for him, for the sake of his good state of training, Russia has decided to dismiss Korean coach, federations such warm let viktor ahn very touched, he slowly forget the previous unpleasant,The atmosphere among his new teammates also made him feel good, and he was able to qualify for Sochi as he had hoped, not because anyone asked him to, but because everyone earned it.Sochi Olympics he created the legendary again, became the champion of the three projects again, every time he is waving the Russian flag, and her eyes filled with tears, I think he is sincere, in this country he can feel the warmth from teammates and countries, won the honor congratulations from the team, rather than the coldly, but that it was in the south Korean public discontent and spit on,Especially the Korean national team!Can be unlucky, bad news came again, because of the doping problem, the Russian Olympic Committee banned Several athletes including Ahn Hyun-soo to participate in the next Winter Olympics, although Ahn Did not use any doping, but also involved in this matter, his Olympic dream was shattered again.Not long after that, Ahn retired from the sport. His career was short, brilliant and fraught, but he wrote a legend that Russia will always remember, and so will the world.China’s short track speed skating star wang meng and viktor ahn is friends for many years, both are clear, common topic very much, viktor ahn after retirement, wang meng to viktor ahn issued a sincere invitation, attach great importance to China’s national team are finally viktor ahn joined the Chinese Olympic athletes in this big family, became the Chinese short track speed skating coach of the project,Here, too, he felt warmth.The Olympics, the Chinese Olympic athletes do well on short track speed skating projects, including viktor ahn credit, whether a player or coach, viktor ahn diligently, because he knew that effort will have harvest, honor is not opportunistic, and every honor not defiled, he want is a clean piece of gold.