The specialty alliance promotes the development of in-depth cooperation for the benefit of people

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January 19, changzhi second hospital and Lucheng District hospital cooperation exchange meeting held in changzhi second hospital.The aim is to exchange work experience and jointly explore new ideas, new approaches, new methods and new measures to accelerate the development of primary medical and health care.Lucheng district party committee secretary Qin Suliang city, district party committee standing committee, the organization minister zhang xueliang, the district medical group director ushita chardonnay, micro area town party secretary ShenYanJun, district party committee organization deputy minister Dong Shikun, area small son town god head village party branch secretary wei led don, party secretary of changzhi 2 hospital wei-ping ma, blue water, deputy party secretary and dean and hospital leadership, director of the relevant departments,Changzhi second hospital dispatched first secretary chang Aiping of Shentou Village to attend the exchange meeting.Zhang Xueliang presided over the exchange meeting.Qin suliang expressed heartfelt thanks to changzhi Second Hospital for its long-term help and support.Lucheng District attaches great importance to the development of medical and health undertakings and has achieved considerable development.Medical care is the most important aspect of people’s livelihood. When people are healthy, their sense of happiness and satisfaction will be enhanced.I hope the changzhi Second hospital in the next step of help, combined with the actual medical situation in Lucheng District, in the medical concept, medical technology, management level and other aspects of a wider, deeper help.Effectively implement high-quality medical resources sinking, help Lucheng District medical capacity.Lu Cheng District medical will play its own advantages, integration of existing strength, active docking, precise docking, refining measures, pay attention to effectiveness, with practical action for the people of the district to create high quality and efficient, professional and safe medical service environment, so that lu Cheng District people at home to enjoy better, more convenient, better quality medical services.In his speech, Ma weiping expressed his gratitude to the Lucheng District Committee and the district government for their great attention to the medical cause, as well as the full recognition of the changzhi Second Hospital for helping the health cause of Lucheng city over the years.The Party Committee of the Second Changzhi Hospital should put the cooperation and exchange between the hospital and local area on the important agenda of the work of the second Changzhi Hospital in the future, focus on promoting it, and strive to achieve substantive results in 2022, ensure the long-term cooperation between the hospital and local area, and better create a high-quality, efficient, professional and safe medical service environment for the people of Changzhi and Lu Cheng.Li Xiaodong welcomed and thanked the leaders of Lucheng District, and made a brief introduction to the development of changzhi Second Hospital and the deep cooperation between the hospital and the place.He said, medical and health cause is an important people’s livelihood project, the meeting held, for the exploration of the new mode of cooperation has a very important significance, we will be based on the actual situation of Lu Cheng District from four aspects of cooperation to help, do not draw blood transfusion, hope Lu Cheng District can seize the initiative, independent development.First, mutual learning in management.Learn from each other by hanging up and sending down.Second, help each other in discipline construction.Through the specialty alliance, we will carry out in-depth cooperation in disciplines and scientific research.Third, the establishment of a green channel in diagnosis and treatment.Lucheng critically ill patients were treated 24 hours a day.At the same time, the patient will be transferred back to Lucheng for follow-up treatment after his condition becomes stable or he enters the convalescence stage.Fourth, we should provide solid assistance to Shentou Village.Zhang Xueliang thanked the changzhi hospital for many years to lucheng district medical cause of all the help and support, and briefly introduced lucheng District medical and health cause development of the basic situation.He said that in recent years, changzhi two hospital through the adoption of business cooperation, talent training, resource sharing and other ways to give lucheng District people’s Hospital a great help, orthopedics in changzhi two hospital help from weak to strong, become a provincial key orthopedics specialty, stomatology has also carried out a number of new technologies, new projects.In the next step, we hope to carry out in-depth cooperation in neurosurgery, rehabilitation medicine, dermatology and other disciplines on the basis of the original specialty alliance in line with the principle of “making up for weak points and weak points”.One is to put forward targeted suggestions and measures for hospital management in Lucheng District to improve the scientific management of the people’s hospital and the level of refinement of operation management.Second, according to the actual situation of the district People’s Hospital, we should focus on helping the weak departments and promoting the medical technology innovation of the district people’s Hospital.Third, with the help of the Second Hospital of Changzhi, resources are integrated to establish an integrated rehabilitation system and realize the development model with technical characteristics of “small comprehensive, college specialized”.Fourth, the two sides should establish a deep integration mechanism, improve various assessment systems, optimize two-way referral processes, and meet people’s needs for medical treatment nearby.