SHEIN, a Chinese cross-border e-commerce company, is charging a valuation of $100 billion

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SHEIN, a Chinese cross-border fast fashion e-commerce platform, is considering a new round of financing with a target valuation of around $100 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.SHEIN is in talks with potential investors to raise about $1 billion, the sources said.Tianyan information shows that up to now, SHEIN has completed 6 rounds of financing, including $5 million round A financing, $300 million round B financing, hundreds of millions of dollars round C financing, $500 million round D financing, and hundreds of millions of dollars round E financing.According to’s latest state of Mobile 2022 report, consumers around the world will spend more than 100 billion hours in shopping apps in 2021.According to the report, the amount of time consumers spend in shopping apps worldwide has increased by nearly 20 percent year-on-year from 2020.From 2018 to 2021, the time consumers spend in shopping apps globally doubled from 48.7 billion hours.In addition, according to the report, the app with the largest increase in downloads last year (defined by year-over-year growth) was Meesho in India, while the number one app in the world with monthly active users was Shopee.April 6 – The Biden administration announced $2.7 billion in grants for hundreds of projects aimed at strengthening the nation’s ports and waterways.The latest funding brings total U.S. infrastructure and supplemental spending to nearly $17 billion in more than 800 projects in 55 states and territories in fiscal years 2022 and 2023, according to government data.On April 6, it was announced that in the first quarter of this year, 948 million tons of goods were shipped by national railway, up 25.87 million tons or 2.8% year-on-year.The China-Europe freight trains made 3,630 trips and sent 350,000 TEUs, up 7% and 9% respectively.170,000 TEUs (TeUs) of freight trains were delivered through the new land-Sea corridor in the western region, up 56.5% year on year.The China-Laos railway has delivered 260,000 tons of import and export cargo, showing a strong growth momentum. It has accelerated the construction of a convenient logistics corridor between China and ASEAN, improved transportation timeliness and reduced logistics costs, benefiting more enterprises.We vigorously developed multimodal container transport and improved the quality of transport services, with 38,290 containers being loaded on an average day, up 13.5% year on year.5. Aliexpress sellers need to comply with The Requirements of German EPR system when selling goods to Germany April 6, AliExpress platform recently announced that the compliance requirements of extended producer responsibility have been implemented in Eu countries.From 0 o ‘clock on July 1, 2022 Berlin Time (East Zone 1), sellers will sell goods to Germany through global express, and it is necessary to confirm whether the seller’s goods meet the requirements of The German EPR system.It should be noted that packaging compliance requirements, including the packaging of goods and logistics packaging materials, sellers of physical goods need to register packaging;If the store sells electrical and electronic equipment products containing batteries, both electrical and electronic equipment and batteries must be registered.Logistics and package delivery company UPS will use Jumia’s network in Africa to expand its presence on the continent in a new partnership that gives it access to local e-commerce companies’ last-mile delivery infrastructure.That means UPS customers can pick up or send packages at Jumia sites in Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria.Plans are under way to expand the partnership to Ghana and Ivory Coast, and later to other markets in Africa.April 6 – UPS said it is testing the eQuad, an electric four-wheel cargo bike for delivering goods in densely populated urban areas.Luke Wake, VICE president of fleet maintenance and engineering at UPS, said the company is trial-testing about 100 equads, designed and built by U.K. firm Fernhay, in seven European markets and will run them in the U.S. and some Asian markets.According to the company, eQuad’s electric power system has a top speed of about 25 kilometers per hour and can deliver up to 200 kilograms of packages, with a battery range of about 40 miles.On April 6, Lazada banned merchants from purchasing products from their own stores or co-purchasing with others to boost sales or index.If violations are found, the following punishments will be imposed: delete all reviews, ratings, order records and gross merchandise value related to brushing;Prohibit or restrict the use of certain system functions by its consumers;Lower the ranking of store products in consumer search results;A maximum of 16 points will be deducted.Business friends please strictly follow the policy, in order to avoid violations to bring unnecessary losses to the store.On April 6, Alibaba international website recently issued a notice that the adjustment of RFQ service bonus point rules for Jinpin merchants, which was originally scheduled to be implemented on April 1, 2022, has been postponed to Take effect on July 1, 2022.It is understood that after the change, the RFQ service will be added 20 points, which requires that the service should be provided to the merchants of gold products, and the GMV associated with RFQ in the past 90 days shall be ≥1000 USD.According to the official definition, RFQ is a customized inquiry platform provided by Alibaba International website for big buyers around the world, which can take the initiative to obtain serious business opportunities in the market.RFQ business opportunities are divided into three categories, namely gold business opportunities, silver business opportunities, bronze business opportunities.10. Pennsylvania Freight Growth Program Extends for one Year April 6 – Governor Tom Wolf has extended Pennsylvania’s Intermodal Freight Growth Incentive Program (PICGIP) through July 2023.The program, originally established in 2015 through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) Intermodal Fund, provides up to $1 million a year to shipping companies involved in freight at the state’s ports.In turn, the program helps secure full-time jobs at the terminal and increases economic activity through indirect and induced employment.PICGIP was previously expected to end in June 2021.END official account: Cross-border e-commerce logistics is born