Is the price of the cemetery in Tianshou Cemetery expensive?Days longevity cemetery cemetery price is how much?

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Tianshou Cemetery in Changping District, Beijing is the “benchmark enterprise” in China’s funeral industry.The cemetery is also one of the 33 legal cemeteries in Beijing.So, is the price of tianshou cemetery expensive?Days longevity cemetery cemetery price is how much?There are many forms of burial in Tianshou Cemetery, such as tree burial, wall burial, traditional monument erection, and optional places, etc. The price of burial in Tianshou Cemetery ranges from low to high. Family members can buy a moderately priced tomb to bury the deceased according to the family economic situation and the deceased’s last wishes.The price of tree burial is 16,800 yuan, 19,800 yuan, 26,800 yuan. The price of wall burial is 58,000 yuan, 32,000 yuan, 65,800 yuan. The price of flower bed burial is 32,000 yuan, ashes barrel, ecological lying tablet is 76,800 yuan