Concerning the spring semester, important notice has come!

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On February 11, with the consent of the Provincial COVID-19 Response Headquarters, the Education Department of Sichuan Province and the Health Commission of Sichuan Province jointly issued an Urgent Notice on The Prevention and control of COVID-19 in Schools for the 2022 Spring Semester, clarifying the requirements for returning to school and deploying the work for the re-opening of the school.The notice is clear: teachers and staff in ordinary colleges in the province return to school with nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours before registration and Sichuan Tianfu health green code.Those who cannot provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours shall take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours after returning to school.Teachers, students and staff in primary and secondary schools, childcare institutions in the province and their families living together in sichuan province who have no travel history outside the province or close contact history with people returning to Sichuan from outside the province within 14 days shall return to school with sichuan Tianfu health Pass green code, and nucleic acid test negative certificate shall not be provided when the school examines the trip code of themselves and their families living together.Teachers, students and staff in primary and secondary schools, childcare institutions in the province or their families living together have a history of travel outside the province in 14 days, and have a history of close contact with people returning to Sichuan from outside the province, nucleic acid test negative proof should be provided within 48 hours when they return to school.Those who cannot provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours shall take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours after returning to school.Staff in schools at all levels and in key positions such as logistics management in childcare institutions, temporary employment assistance, need to return to school with negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before registration and Sichuan Tianfu health Green code, and schools should strengthen regular nucleic acid sampling monitoring.Schools at all levels and childcare institutions should take the initiative to cooperate with local health departments and DISEASE control agencies, and earnestly implement regular nucleic acid sampling monitoring for teachers, students and staff.”Notice” requires all schools to strengthen protection management, prepare for the start of school ★ to strictly follow the relevant requirements and “Sichuan DISEASE Control” official wechat public account updated information, teachers and staff returning to Sichuan to conduct dynamic screening management, education and guidance of teachers and staff to comply with the epidemic prevention regulations.Teachers, students and staff who do not meet the requirements of returning to school will not be arranged to return to school for the time being. They are required to actively cooperate with the local authorities to implement nucleic acid testing, centralized quarantine, home quarantine and other prevention and control measures, and will be arranged to return to school after the completion of standardized management.Teachers, students and staff in medium-high risk areas have suspended their return to school.The plan for the opening of the spring semester in 2022, the epidemic prevention and control plan and the emergency response plan should be made in a scientific and reasonable way, and students’ return to school should be arranged in a classified and orderly manner.Inform every teacher, students, staff and parents of primary, secondary and kindergarten students in detail and accurately about the relevant requirements for registration in advance.According to the general principle of “wrong time, wrong peak, wrong level”, colleges and universities should arrange students of different departments and grades to report back to school in an orderly manner.Students should wear masks, have their body temperature checked, and check their health code and travel code.★ To coordinate the use of student dormitories, classrooms, campus hotels, idle places, in the school standard set up “three rooms and one area” (clinic or health room, campus isolation observation room, school gate temporary observation room, isolation area).To provide safe, orderly and convenient nucleic acid testing services for teachers, students and staff, we encourage them to hold special classes for teachers and students, visit schools to provide services, and open green channels.★ Health education of teachers, students and staff should be strengthened in a convenient and accessible way, and personal protection should be effectively conducted on the way back to school. Sufficient protective equipment should be carried with you, and prevention and control measures should be implemented actively in cooperation with traffic stations.According to the notice, all schools should focus on key links and implement normal measures to take the initiative to integrate campus epidemic prevention and control into the network and comprehensive management of communities (towns and streets), give full play to the strength of communities (towns and streets), and build a comprehensive epidemic prevention and control system of joint prevention and control and mass prevention and treatment.Strengthen comprehensive management of campus environmental hygiene, strict management of school gates, gathering activities, key places and delivery services, and strengthen management systems such as morning (afternoon and evening) check-up, registration, reporting and tracking of teachers and students absent due to illness.Promote full vaccination and enhanced immunization for teachers, students and staff aged 12 and above, and make up for missed vaccination for students aged 3-11.❖ to targeted to carry out multiple scenarios, field synergy an epidemic emergency drills, and further optimize the flow according to emergency exercise situation screening, nucleic acid detection, isolation, logistics, information release, emergency disposal process, continuously improve the emergency response plans, to ensure that once the outbreak, to effectively deal with the fastest speed.Pass it on to your parents and friends