The killer of a South African girl who was gang raped and murdered has been jailed for 358 years and three others for life

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(In 2017, Hannah, a 21-year-old South African girl, was abducted and brutally murdered by four men.)In 2017, a horrific murder took place in a South African town.Hannah Cornelius, 21, was abducted at knifepoint and killed during an 11-hour ordeal.The events leading up to Hannah’s tragic death have been told in a new documentary, British media reported.A year after her death, the mother drowned in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in May 2017.Hannah and her friend Cheslin Marsh pull up to a secluded spot and are taken hostage by wolf-like bandits who stop their car at knifepoint.The gang gang-raped Hannah, stabbed her in the neck and threw a rock at her head, killing her.In 2018, Nashville Julius, 29, Geraldo Parsons, 27, Eben Van Nick, 28, and Vernon Whitboy appeared in the dock.In court, they looked unrepentant.The men sneered in court, with one sticking out his tongue, and joked about their sentences by giving the judge a thumbs-up as they were led away.For a year after Hannah’s death, her mother, Anna, swam every day.One day, Anna’s battered body was found drowned in a shallow Cape Town water.(A documentary about Hannah went online on April 1.)Hannah’s father William said the impact of his daughter’s death on the family had been “devastating” and said his wife “walked into the sea and never came back”.”I believe our family died with Hannah.”Anna’s death was ruled a fatal accident, and William said he did not believe his wife intended to kill herself, but added that she lacked the physical or mental strength to cope with the brutal murder of her daughter.Now, a new documentary tells the events leading up to Hannah’s tragic death and how her family are struggling to come to terms with it.The night of horror for Hannah and Cheslin began on May 27, 2017, as the pair prepared to return home.Hannah offered to give Cheslin a ride home, but as they pulled over, surveillance cameras caught the four gangsters surrounding the car.Armed with a screwdriver and a shotgun, they shoved Cheslin into the back seat and then into the trunk, where Hannah was squeezed between the two front seats.In the new documentary, Cheslin says: “The whole time, I kept telling her to stay calm…Everything will be all right.”(In court, the four bandits appeared unrepentant.)Surveillance cameras again captured the group as they drove to a nearby gas station and used Cheslin’s card to withdraw money from an ATM inside the station.However, they never entered the correct password, so they failed to withdraw the money.In a police interview, Witboy, one of the gangsters, described how Hannah was so scared that she said nothing and “just looked ahead”.The ruthless gang even offered her a glimmer of hope, claiming they wanted both to go home.The gang takes the pair to a remote area where they beat Cheslin with a brick.Hannah looked at him in horror, fearing that she might be next.But Cheslin miraculously survived, telling police: “They took me into the bush and told me I should put my head on a brick and that’s when I realised these people were going to take my life.When I lay down on the brick, I closed my eyes and prayed.”(Hannah’s fellow man, Cheslin, was beaten with bricks by bandits and lost hearing in one ear.)A day later, Cheslin regained consciousness, deaf in one ear as a result of the brutal attack, unaware that Hannah was dead.In her final moments, Hannah was forced back into her car and the gang drove her 12 miles from Stellenbosch to a farm road.It was there that the gang gang-raped Hannah, who was stabbed in the neck and hit on the head with a large rock.During the trial, the mobster Parsons admitted they attacked Cheslin and raped Hanna.He told the trial: “She didn’t want to climb out of the boot, clung to the car, panicked and Eben went and stabbed her.”A source close to the family said that in order to survive, Hannah would try to comply with the killers’ demands and even sympathize with them.After killing Hannah, the gang continued their horrific crime, chasing a woman walking to work and then stealing her bag and mobile phone.The gang was arrested after police found Hannah’s car.The stone used in Hannah’s murder was shockingly shown to the court during the murder trial in 2018.)The brutal killer was sentenced to 358 years in prison and the other three face life imprisonment after a trial at the Cape Town High Court.William told the trial it had taken him a while to attend because he “didn’t want to hear” what was happening to his beloved daughter, who was his father’s sweet heart.William and Anna later founded the Hannah Cornelius Foundation to help local children get an education as a way out of violence in their local community.Family friend Tony, who has since become director of the trust, told the publication: “Hannah was never a typical child, she was always uncharacteristically compassionate and empathetic, naive, carefree and sometimes careless.She was a dreamer, an idealist.Few people saw her struggle and her personal pain, which she bore bravely and faced fearlessly.”Xiaoxiang Morning Post (Correspondent Wang Hua)