Stones block three “pipes” in the body to formulate effective plans to dredge in time

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Yoann lithiasis hospital surgeon asked Mr. Xie postoperative condition Waist began to pain, thought that a lack of exercise, after exercise, lumbago, not the skin, eyes and began to yellow, somehow, patients to the hospital after inspection found that the left and right sides of the ureter and bravery manager three root in vivo excretion “pipe” a stone block at the same time,Patients also have hypertension, ankylosing spondylitis and other diseases, Ya ‘an Renkang Hospital (Ya ‘an stone disease hospital) (hereinafter referred to as: Ya ‘an stone disease hospital) timely plan, for the removal of stones, dredge the “pipeline”.Because the pain detected in the body of three “pipes” blocked this year, 57 years old Mr. Xie, baoxing county.Not long ago, Mr. Xie felt pain in his waist and abdomen. At first, he thought that he lacked exercise at ordinary times, but after strengthening daily exercise, the pain not only continued, but also aggravated after meals.After enduring it for several days, he even developed symptoms such as yellow skin and eyes.Thank a gentleman this just worry to get what strange disease, come to local hospital diagnosis and treatment, the fish suffers from ureter stone when checking.After anti-inflammatory and other treatment, the waist pain has been relieved.Six years ago, Mr Hsieh of double kidney stone, stone removal in yoann lithiasis hospital surgery, after go home, because the body without experiencing discomfort at ordinary times, there will be no follow “every six months to a year to go to the hospital to review once” the doctor’s advice to the hospital for examination, the detected ureteral calculi, thank a gentleman to ya again lithiasis hospital for further diagnosis.Before the Spring Festival, Mr. Xie came to yaan stone disease hospital, check the doctor at a glance to see his skin, eyes have become yellow, jaundice is very obvious, judgment not only ureteral stones, but also liver and gallbladder problems.Sure enough, the examination found that Mr. Xie not only suffered from bilateral upper ureteral calculi, multiple calculi in both kidneys, but also suffered from common bile duct calculi;Right ureteral stone 1.1 cm, left ureteral stone also has 0.8 cm, although bilateral ureteral stone is not big, but has brought about ureteral blockage, common bile duct is also blocked by stone, cause biliary obstruction thereby, bring about icteric.As Mr. Xie suffered from hypertension for a long time, his blood pressure reached 190/110mmHg when he was admitted to hospital. In addition, he also had hypokalemia.Ya ‘an stone disease hospital according to Mr. Xie’s condition, comprehensive consideration of its may suffer from “aldehyde disease”, timely his blood to the city outside professional institutions for examination, the results were diagnosed as “aldehyde disease”.To this end, ya ‘an stone disease hospital in accordance with the “aldehyde disease” to adjust the treatment plan, blood pressure gradually controlled.Condition complex formulate dredge “pipeline” the best plan In addition to stubborn hypertension, Mr. Xie also suffers from ankylosing spondylitis and other diseases, to dredge three human body “pipeline” on the stone increased no small difficulty.What kind of surgery unclog the pipe?The doctor of Ya ‘an Stone disease Hospital analyzed Mr. Xie’s condition and physical condition, and believed that his multi-site stones would be very risky if the traditional operation was adopted.If the use of medication, infusion and other conservative treatment, can cure the symptoms but difficult to cure the root, using extracorporeal lithotripsy is not suitable.How to safely and effectively remove the stones in Mr. Xie’s three “pipes” has become a difficult problem for surgeons in ya ‘an stone disease hospital.Yoann lithiasis hospital surgical team in line with all things for the sake of patients, the difficulty to find a way to the consistent style, after repeated consultation and discussion, the final treatment plan to develop a safe and reliable, which is in a hospital, the duodenum, soft ureter mirror lens technology, points two operations remove calculi in 3 “pipe”.According to the plan, the doctor performed the operation for Mr. Xie as planned after making all preoperative and intraoperative preparations. Bilateral ureteral stents were first installed for Mr. Xie, on the one hand, to relieve renal colic and temporarily relieve ureteral obstruction, and on the other hand, to make preliminary preparation for soft ureteroscope lithotomy in the future.The next day, the surgical team of the hospital performed duodenoscopy for Mr. Xie. Within 30 minutes, the stones blocked in the common bile duct were removed. After the common bile duct was “dredged”, Mr. Xie’s body recovered rapidly, jaundice gradually subsided, and yellow skin and eyes returned to normal.After a few days, the surgical team of Ya ‘an Stone disease Hospital used soft ureteroscope to remove the stones blocked in Mr. Xie’s ureter on both sides.At this point, Ya ‘an stone disease hospital in Mr. Xie during a hospitalization, two operations in time to remove the blockage in the body of three “pipe” stones.Mr. Xie was hospitalized this time, although three parts of the stone operation, but not a knife, even we usually heard of the “hole” operation hole.The main reason for this is that Mr. Xie’s surgery is minimally invasive surgery through the natural cavity of the human body, which is a very minimally invasive surgical method at present.Once in hospital, he cleared stones in three parts at the same time through minimally invasive surgery, and found out the root of hypertension that had troubled him for many years. Mr. Xie praised the superb medical technology of Ya ‘an Stone Disease Hospital, and recovered very quickly. As he hoped, he was discharged home before the Spring Festival.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: