Painter Lu Shengli works “spring in the branches has been very” on the auction auction auction clinched a deal

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Organized by the Chinese Culture and art talent pool, the “Year of the Tiger in Spring · National painting and calligraphy works online auction of the third phase” was held in Beijing on February 5.Painter Lu Shengli teacher sent to pat the work “spring in the branches has been very”, in many rounds of intense bidding to 1000 yuan was hidden friends collection.In this painting and calligraphy auction, the culture and art talent pool selected the works of 20 outstanding national calligraphers and painters to send for auction. Nearly 4,000 people from all over the country, calligraphy and painting lovers and Tibetan friends watched and participated in the online auction of works, and a number of calligraphers and painters’ works were auctioned.On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, the talent pool together with outstanding painters and calligraphers offers a cultural feast for the vast number of collectors.Work description: The sixth ancestor Huineng’s apprentice Endless Tibet Bhikhuni returned from a cloud trip, it is in the middle of winter season, the temple several pale plum proud snow in full bloom: between the vast world, a wisp of spring is in the air.Seeing this scene, Endless Tibetan teacher suddenly realized!The current account of “smell plum” a ket: spring in search of spring, grain in ear shoes to visit longtou cloud.Return smile nianmei smell, spring in the branches has been very.The artist introduces Lu Shengli, the character shengyi, the literary name Chan Xue Chun Xiao, han nationality.Born in 1970 in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, vice president of Baotou Hongda Cultural Society, president of Xueyun Zen Heart Painting and Calligraphy Academy.Baotou artists association member, China Academy of Ice and snow Art distinguished painter.Fond of painting since childhood, graduated from Chinese Calligraphy and painting Correspondence University in 1992.Over the years, I have visited famous teachers and learned from famous national painters Zhao Chunqiu, Zeng Gang, Shi Yunxiang, Wu Tong and Hu Kun (the founder of “Painting with Tao”).Gradually formed their own snow and ice landscape painting and buddhist theme of figure painting combination of zen painting system.He has participated in many provincial and national painting and calligraphy exhibitions and won awards, and his works are well received by experts and scholars.People’s Daily app, Phoenix News, Baidu, Tencent and other domestic authoritative media have made special reports on his artistic achievements.His works are widely collected by many professional institutions and calligraphy lovers at home and abroad, and are recognized as painting artists with collection value and development potential in the industry.Besides creation, he also serves as a teacher of calligraphy and painting forum platform and lecturing platform.In December 2019, his works “Seeking Zen” and “Auspicious Snow in Xi Shan” were collected in the 17th “Brilliant 70 Years” exhibition of Famous Chinese Contemporary Art Stamp products and Huaxia Star New Year’s Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition (on display in Beijing Ethnic Culture Palace).Many of his works were included in “China Stamps”;In July 2021, his works “Youyou Bai Hua Qing” and “Guanyin Bao Xiang” were selected into the Yichun Buddhist Association “Always follow the Party” calligraphy and painting exhibition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and were turned into the temple collection;In October 2021, his work Guanyin was exhibited in the 110th anniversary of Master Renyi’s birth at the Memorial Hall of Master Renyi in Tonghui Zen Forest of Jiuhuashan.In December 2021, his work “Spiritual Mountain and Holy Land” was exhibited in the exhibition of works for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Luyang Calligraphy and Painting Academy in Baotou city. He participated in charity activities such as charity donation, charity sale and charity auction organized by authoritative charities for many times, and was awarded honorary titles such as “Charity Ambassador of Love” and “Artist of Virtue and Art”.