Linjiang public security to deal with snow and ice inclement weather to ensure the orderly smooth area of the road

2022-06-22 0 By

Lantern Festival on the eve of linjiang city celebrated the Spring Festival after the first field strength of frozen snow area road slippery visibility grim situation of traffic safety management to ensure that bad weather conditions area expressways linjiang city public security bureau took responsibility, stick to jobs with the actual action to control the masses travel security escort to strengthen pavement according to the weather changes,The Public Security Bureau of Linjiang city adjusts the work arrangement at any time, strengthens the cooperation and close cooperation, and constantly improves the patrol control of key roads such as national and provincial roads and main roads of county and township under its jurisdiction.Set up traffic duty card points at key intersections and key sections, split traffic in time according to road conditions and vehicle flow, and cooperate with highway maintenance and sanitation departments to scatter snow melt agents and anti-skid materials, and do a good job in deicing and snow removal.During the period, 16 warning signs were installed in the area of Dan – Ah line national road, Manlin line provincial road and some county and township roads.Combined with the actual situation of the area under their jurisdiction, police stations organize auxiliary police and “one village one police” and other police resources to carry out rolling patrol prevention and control and investigation of potential safety hazards in key areas such as highways, rural main roads, multi-curved roads and severe snow cover by road vehicle patrol and police step patrol.According to the past vehicle location, distance and vehicle safety, timely take measures to persuade drivers to stop, persuade back, ordered to rest in place, and remind and help the past vehicles to install anti-skid chains, check vehicle conditions, prompt drivers to drive carefully, slow down the speed, keep a safe distance.Widely publicized in place at the same time make full use of news media, the “double micro” platform, SMS, key driver WeChat group of medium, such as road conditions, traffic accident, timely push controls, round, safe driving, such as information, warn broad traffic participants in inclement weather, arrange travel route and time, to guide drivers to drive safely, reduce travel as far as possible.In the road patrol, through the propaganda reminder, issued leaflets and other ways to remind the past vehicles to slow down, pay attention to driving safety, to ensure the safety of the majority of traffic participants travel.The police went to the rescue work of the trapped people in a timely manner. They rescued the trapped vehicles by means of shovels and shovels, vehicle towing and human pushing to avoid prolonged detention and congestion.During the snowstorm, we successfully diverted more than 700 vehicles, rescued more than 10 stranded people, and rescued more than 20 vehicles blocked or broken down by snow, ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property in inclement weather.Source: Ping an Bai Shan