“Let’s Go” is over, and carnivores have come to the right place

2022-06-22 0 By

“Take it” finally closed, watched for a long time, reluctant to give up this program.The better is true feelings, sincere creation, whether actors, directors, investors are saying the truth, this is the end of the last time, the award came, DID not expect the talk show or a humor.This brought in the talk show the assembly of three groups of guest, xu and Yang Meng natural needless to say, there is a group of diffuse to performers, carnivorous animals, originally didn’t think they have much funny, found that the performance of this time, they also is suitable to perform on this occasion, real name is funny satire, also happen to shows the form of their role in the performance,Walk through the acting process with ease.We all know that show business is messy and bombastic, and perhaps the deepest things are only known to those who are in it. What about us?Just entertainment, watching and appreciating good programs, good actors’ acting skills and good directors’ work.But there is no lack of some cases, count, the director and actors who don’t know who is guiding, but in the process of filming “the 54321, 54321” is already known, perhaps this is a good actor is helpless, why do I have to count the actor, and why they can see the count, who all have no reason just made so absurd,But isn’t it a comedy that the audience gets to see so many shots?But when the star filming is not real, real investment, to all kinds of sheep and sell dog meat is not a self-over-protective show?No hone which acting and responsibility, tears as acting, NG how many times to find excuses, all kinds of show has not been counted as an actor.But also to contend for a reputation, ask for a loud, ten million annual salary can not hold the false prosperity, all flowers like brocade is still a dream after all, no one to give, no one to think.This brief performance said so much about the reality of show business, what else can be done, but a good film, as the show says, start shooting, start shooting to practice.Do not fake, do not short, sincerely create, good play good actors good director, the final assembly of the work will not be bad.If it is still “one two three four five”, it is not as lively and interesting as carnivorous animal performance!