Accept regret and expect to meet the good things in life

2022-06-22 0 By

A few days ago, my first boyfriend posted his engagement photos on wechat. I jokingly shared them with our former friends, but I still felt a bit sour in my heart.Once we were also known as a beautiful couple, but in the age of love is not quite met, our break up seems to be inevitable.Break up amicably, become friends, and then gradually fade out of each other’s lives and become “likes” in moments.The question I asked myself that night was, are you sorry about this relationship?I think the answer is no, some feelings, no further progress, but can always stop in the best time as a good memory, it is not a kind of happiness.But looking back on my life, THERE are a lot of things I regret.High school three years, I do not puppy love, do not fight, but also did not seriously study, because of fear of others say: you see her so hard to return the achievement flat is not stupid ah.So I honestly do the class of small transparent, in others are in the dream to do their best, BUT I use the most precious time to read leisure books.At the beginning of university, I swore full of confidence to be an excellent person. As a result, EVERY extracurricular activity and discipline competition was not participated in because of my hesitation, or my performance was mediocre.I’ve had a lot of novel ideas, and I wanted to do it while I was young, but when it came down to it, I was too afraid to do it.While everyone else had a stable career and a loving partner, I was still alone, unable to find a job I liked and with little to show for it.As peers in my circle of friends started getting married, having children and Posting pictures of promotions and raises, I wondered if I had chosen the wrong path.The greatest regret in life is that I should have done better.Are you like me, often feel regret, regret a person, regret a thing, regret a city.Life, work, emotion, choice, insist, give up, behind every decision seems to have all kinds of regret.There is much regret in the world, but little happiness.But think about it another way. It’s regret that makes us grow.We learn to weigh the pros and cons in the results and recognize ourselves in the lessons.It is because we have regrets that we develop great visions and expectations for the future.As zhou Guoping, a contemporary writer, said, “There are too many things in life that cannot be undone.Now that we’re alive, we have to move on.”People who have experienced great suffering have a right to prove that the ability to produce happiness and to endure pain are the same.”Departed relatives do not blame yourself too much, unfinished words will make you more cherish, missed people do not go to obsession, wasted time do not regret.Don’t think about doing it again. Start over.Look ahead. After all, the future is the only one we can hold fast to.In one’s life, there are many things that are not completely determined by oneself, there will be many requests but not, there will be many involuntarily.If future regret is inevitable, then work hard.Somewhere along the way, people began to fear and resist effort.We will be afraid to cry and throw in the towel after the effort, afraid that the result after the effort can not reach their expectations, afraid that the effort is just a waste of time.I used to have that thought, but then I realized that hard work is not the only way to reach the top, but it is an important attitude toward success.When I think back to those shining days, what I admire more than sweat and tears is my perseverance and desire to work hard.Not hard, but hard enough.Do not question your efforts, it is a kind of accumulation, a precipitation, they will pave the road silently, just to let you become a better person.No one in the world can redeem the past, while accepting regret, from now on to work hard, the future will meet with beautiful.