A letter to my daughter

2022-06-22 0 By

Bestie daughter: My mother and I are very good, do not miss.When you study outside, safety comes first, life comes second and study comes third.Safety is of particular importance.The safety of girls is the number one priority in the world, especially in a country that is particularly unfriendly to women.My mother and I have a very rich life at home.You have nothing to worry about.If there is no socializing, I just read books, listen to music and poke fun on weibo at home.If there is music, you can not touch the electronic computer and mobile phone.Mother you naturally know, grow flowers, read books, see grandma.Most of the present books are rubbish, especially the domestic ones, and the ancient dross are also a lot. If you look at some of the foreign ones, you may have a harvest.I wish good.