“Together to the future unicom winter Olympics diary” to create history to show the strength of a big country!February 6th 2nd match day

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Editor’s Note: On the second day, China made history: the women’s ice hockey team defeated Japan in a penalty shootout, su Yiming ranked first in the final, and the figure skating team advanced to the second stage.Beijing Winter Olympics also has a historical moment — this is the first 5G Olympics, China Unicom communications, also in another arena to show the strength of a big country!At 4:40 in the afternoon, ushered in today’s first game, is also a focus of high attention of the whole people — China women’s ice hockey team versus Japan women’s ice hockey team.Prior to the start of the game, the closed loop inside and outside of China unicom engineer to communicate service inspection, unicom “rebound, 5 g real-time services” provided by the application in the television screen between the media reporters, high-definition camera synchronous transmission screen, safeguard media reporter can see the scene of the real-time situation, between each journalist of the seats on the cable network, is China unicom for reporters “media + service”,During the support competition, the photos are taken and the documents are sent back.At the beginning of the game, The Chinese team 0-1 down, in the audience’s non-stop refueling and cheering, finally back to the score in the third quarter, the heart of the audience also temporarily put down.Finally, the third quarter ended 1-1 and went to a brutal penalty shootout!In the excitement of the audience, China’s Zhou Jiaying saved five shots, while Miller scored the winning goal, finally won the game!China beat Japan 2-1!Lucky to witness!At 12:30 PM, In the men’s slopestyle qualification round at Genting Ski Park B, China’s Su Yiming won the first qualifying round with a score of 86.8.A series of flowing movements, can be called “perfect”, the audience cheering, very excited!In NER B stand in the us, looking out the window on the track Su Yi singing debut in the games are so superb, our sense of responsibility and mission, only one conviction: “athletes to the game, we fully guarantee the communication, must will be the best moments in the first time they bring people all over the country, everybody cheered together, cheer for them!”All the colleagues on duty were very excited when they heard that The Chinese players won the first place. This is our pride. On the way to win glory for our country, you have persevered and won the first place.– Cheng Hao, communication service team of China Unicom Genting Ski Park, last night’s first Gold medal of Team China made us excited. After a short warm celebration, we continued to work.Shougang ski big jump athletes also began the preparatory competition, into the main stage, we are always ready to play the spirit of 12 minutes.The day after tomorrow is Gu Ailing’s competition, we cheer for her from the bottom of our hearts!In addition to daily maintenance tasks, we also need to be ready to open new businesses for athletes and media friends. For example, today, we received a work order to open a new special line on the platform.The highest point of shougang platform is 60 meters. The track is 164 meters long and 34 meters wide. The whole platform is exposed to the open air.But our unicom person without fear, this is not a movie, nor is it a stunt, is our China unicom integrated wiring teacher, my feet on a steel frame, laying cables with one hand, another hand and focus to maintain balance, distance below, under his shadow in the blue blue sky is a bright red China.The hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics demonstrated the strength of a major country, and the exclusive communication services provided by China Unicom during the Winter Olympics demonstrated the responsibility of the central government.Our Chinese red shine in each venue, for the smooth holding of the Winter Olympic Games quietly strive to do everything!– Tian Guojing, Communication service team of China Unicom Shougang Ski Platform Communication Service Team, Mr. Samaranch came to us to show the team booth again. I gave the staff a disk created by me. He was very happy and thought it was very “China”!Today, two French athletes were very interested in the China Unicom Winter Olympics derivatives in the exhibition hall. We introduced some of the works designed by our China Unicom staff, and they praised our China Unicom 5G technology.They agreed to do a brief interview and then wrote a blessing on the signature wall.I also wish them all the best in the future competitions and play their best.– China Unicom Winter Olympics exhibition team is in trouble. The first competition day of men’s downhill has been cancelled due to the weather and changed to tomorrow. Men’s downhill and women’s downhill will be held at the same time.Today, my friends also went to the side of the ski trail to do the insulation for the cabinet, the security network is safe, the weather is too cold, the wind is too strong.– Li Jianli, communication manager of China Unicom National Alpine Ski Center, arrived at the station at 0:40 PM. The stars were bright and the temperature was very cold. He had to take a 5:30 bus to the venue in the morning.Just now ruan Zhonggang, the communication manager of the venue, decided to sleep in the venue. Considering that every day, except for the round trip, the rest time in the venue is not more than 5 hours. He asked everyone if they would like to rotate and arrive at the venue later, because this is only the first day of the Winter Olympics, there is still a long time to go.Did not expect to be very tired of the players at this time have said that they can insist on, can start at 5:30.Such a team is invincible!As a member of the National Snowmobile Communication Service team, I feel very proud and proud!– Wang Yao, data engineer, National Bobsled Center