Guizhou strengthens food safety management in the field of elderly care services

2022-06-21 0 By

Recently, the market supervision department in guizhou, province bureau jointly issued the province department of market supervision bureau about strengthening pension service areas of food safety management of the implementation opinions “(hereinafter referred to as” implementation opinion “), to strictly implement the “four most strict” food safety requirements, further strengthening the management of pension services of food safety and better ensure the elderly health and life security.”Implementation opinion” requirement should fully implement the food safety liability, pension service agencies strict performance of the food safety management main body responsibility, provide catering services for pension services of food production operators should strictly implement the food safety liability, shall establish a food safety traceability system, clear food safety related management regulations endowment institutions.”Implementation Opinions” clear, to further strengthen the responsibility of supervision and management, clear civil affairs and market supervision departments to improve the key link of food safety control, strengthen the implementation of food safety supervision and management responsibility methods and paths.Require civil affairs departments to earnestly fulfill the responsibility of the competent departments in charge of elderly care service institutions;Market supervision departments to consolidate the responsibility of food safety supervision of pension service institutions;Strengthen the training and assessment of the first person responsible for food safety and food safety administrator;We will improve the control of key links of food safety, strengthen the implementation of food safety supervision and management responsibilities, and comprehensively implement the “grid” management of food safety in elderly care service institutions.The Guidelines stressed that we should vigorously promote social co-governance.Pension institutions should speed up the construction of “bright kitchen kitchen”, civil affairs and market supervision departments through the “Internet + bright kitchen kitchen kitchen” inspection, establish rules and regulations and reward and punishment mechanism;Vigorously carry out food safety popularization and education, pension institutions at least once every six months to carry out food safety publicity and education activities, improve the ability to prevent food safety accidents;Actively organize the hospital civilian committee and family representatives to participate in the examination.The Guidelines encourage the participation of social forces to improve the food safety level of the tables of elderly service institutions and communities through charitable donations and voluntary services.(Guizhou Provincial Civil Affairs Department)