Big news! Do you know these “sports masters”

2022-06-21 0 By

The 24th Winter Olympic Games will open in Beijing on February 4, 2022. The hot Spring Festival, the pure snow and ice passion flies in the sky. Let’s look forward to the winter Olympic athletes’ achievements and achievements.Harbor the winter Olympics dream together to the future of ice and snow about winter Olympics power figure skating, skiing, curling….The ice and snow sports show the athletes at the same time, however, is not only the human love also has a lot of “movement” movement of the animal kingdom during the games are party animals friends are starting to see snow and ice, play with snow and ice and snow feel the “ice and snow sports” brings the infinite fun animal friends like “ice and snow sports” is not only good at a lot of “sports”? Let’s see the tigerAs the leading role of the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger swimming, climbing trees, such as master not the kui is referred to as “the king of beasts” kangaroo is not only the “web celebrity” of the animal kingdom with ultra-high popularity or “boxing champion” and the “jump” “combat” amazing gibbon using alternating arms swinging light grip wooden poles will throw quite agile, forward nor the body known as “acrobat” brown bear high as wellMasters of the “wrestling” here should be a applause has a perfect figure cheetahs run the fastest land animal is referred to as “running champion” looks strange takins was also a athlete jumping and wrestling a cinch to see the animals in their respective shows unique charm ever tempted to Beijing wildlife park in person feel the warmth from the animals