Pingliang city to promote the national civilization city to create work

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Conference site.Pingliang news (New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Tian Liyuan) On February 8, Pingliang city held the first plenary meeting of the 2022 Work leading Group to create a National Civilized City.The meeting called on all levels and departments of the city to always maintain the momentum of striving for progress, aim at the target, push ahead quickly, and add luster to the construction of green, open, prosperous, peaceful and happy new pingliang.Take notes carefully.Conference pointed out that the pingliang city departments at all levels should be at a higher position, due to view and consciously grasp the city work, earnestly to unify thoughts and actions into the latest goals and objectives of municipal party committee and municipal government, to promote economic and social development and promote civilization index combined, create the requirement penetration into various industries in various fields, ends well, the good as good as,Comprehensively improve the level of work, strive to promote the high quality development of Pingliang.The meeting called on departments at all levels to shoulder their responsibilities, strengthen their faith, worship virtue and cultivate culture, and work together to promote the task of building a civilized city nationwide.To adhere to both internal and external repair, solve the central city water, electricity, road, gas, heating, “quiet” and other practical matters closely related to people’s lives, improve the market, bus, parking system, improve the urban safety facilities construction and configuration standards;In rural areas, we will carry out reform, reform, and industrialization in conjunction with rural revitalization, so that every single person can feel the changes and experience happiness through the changes.We should take the initiative to build a national civilized city and promote urban renewal as a leading project, strengthen our responsibility, and ensure that all tasks are carried out in detail.We should strengthen the construction and guarantee, focus on the goal of city creation and urban renewal, increase efforts to fight for major projects, make good use of land resources, and do a good job in urban management.It is necessary to strengthen coordination and linkage, strictly supervise and hold people accountable, create a good atmosphere, build up a strong working force to create a national civilized city and urban renewal action, and successfully accomplish various tasks.