Tai ‘an: Feicheng Environmental sanitation Management and Service Center to carry out winter environmental sanitation centralized rectification action

2022-06-19 0 By

Shandong January 25 — in order to let the general public in a clean and tidy environment to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival, Tai ‘an Feicheng environmental health management service center mobilized all, carefully organized, despite the cold, continue to carry out urban environmental health centralized remediation.Strictly implement the winter cleaning standards, strengthen the cleaning of main and secondary roads, busy sections, stations and markets around the cleaning, focusing on cleaning the back of side streets, green belts, traffic isolation barriers, dental edge and other dirty parts of the garbage, to ensure that the quality of the main and secondary roads overall improvement.All the staff of the municipal environmental health management service Center do not fear the cold, stick to the cleaning, station toilet management, mechanical operation, garbage removal and transportation, continue to dress up the city appearance environmental health, carefully protect the city clean.Edited by Yu Yishan and reviewed by Wang Jingjing