Spend wanli catering marketing planning tips “half price strategy”

2022-06-18 0 By

Compared with the full discount, half price purchase discount looks bigger.However, when choosing half-price dishes, there is a big problem: to consider both the taste of dishes and the cost of activities.If the discount of half-price dishes is not reduced, it will not attract customers.At this point, you might as well change your thinking and change the half price strategy to the second half price.Generally speaking, the main consumption scenario for takeout is weekday lunch.And in the workplace, the second half price strategy can also promote customers to actively spread, call on colleagues to “join the group”.In this way, customers can get more discounts in the “group” and businesses can reach more customers.1. Design discount range In order to ensure the effective implementation of the half-price strategy, the discount range of half-price dishes should first be greater than the full discount, such as “full 45 minus 20, full 75 minus 30”, compared with 50 yuan of the second half-price meal, customers will undoubtedly choose the former.2. Select discount dishes if you choose the staple food to participate in the activity, the dishes should be in line with the taste of most users, convenient for customers to “group”.If you choose snacks and dessert dishes to participate in the activity, you should pay attention to the delicious degree of the dishes themselves, so as to inspire customers to “have another” desire.