Prosperity!National annual “Safe Star”, Xi ‘an public security 7 people on the list!

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Since October 2020, 10 monthly “Peace Star” online publicity and selection activities have been organized by the CPC Central Politics and Law Commission and hosted by “China Changan Net” and “Changan Sword” of the CPC Central Politics and Law Commission. A total of 17 member units of the Peace China Construction Coordination Group and 32 provincial peace Construction leading group offices have participated.Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau under the guidance of the provincial Party Committee’s Peace office, the Municipal Party committee’s peace Office, after the municipal public Security Bureau’s selection, the municipal Party committee’s peace Office’s initial audit, the city, the province, the country’s level-by-level network voting and the final evaluation of experts, our bureau has 13 comrades won the national monthly “peace star” title.At the end of 2021, the Political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee selected 300 of the 1,500 monthly “Peace Stars” nationwide. A total of 13 comrades from Xi ‘an city were on the list, while 7 comrades from xi ‘an public Security system won the honorary title.The police Superintendent Hu Senrong, 2nd class, Changning Road Police Station, Chang ‘an Branch, Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau, Shaanxi Province uncompares the incident for the dayCao Jinsheng, Third-grade Police Chief of the First Brigade of anti-drug Detachment of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau, Shaanxi Province cheng Qian, First-grade Police Chief of Political Engineering department of Lianhu Sub-Branch of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau, Shaanxi ProvinceHe dealt with more than 100 emergency cases and personally captured 127 suspects of all kinds, including 2 who escaped from other provinces, leaving permanent scars all over his body.In these 18 years, he saw colleagues with his own eyes to persist in working despite illness, before retirement collapsed on the job, will be forever frozen in the working posture;Also saw his younger comrades in the capture was fatally wounded, 120 has not arrived, people have stopped breathing.Someone asked him, “Are you afraid?”He said: If you do something, do it well.Since he participated in the public security work, loyal to the Party, firm position, high business quality, enterprising consciousness, for many years has been unknown to the public fighting in the criminal investigation line.As a criminal investigation police, he charged in the front, not afraid of sacrifice, brave and resolute, willing to sacrifice, repeatedly through the murder case, a series of cases, gang cases and other serious serious cases of severe tests, many times with serious violent criminal suspects face to face.He has solved more than 200 criminal cases and arrested more than 300 criminal suspects, saving economic losses of more than 3 million yuan for the state, collectives and the masses.Since the hero of peace Li Peng entered the police, he always does not forget from the beginning of the police, quietly rooted in the front line of public security, to maintain the area of peace, protect the area of the masses as their own responsibility, down-to-earth, heroic struggle, with their own practical actions to practice a people’s police oath.He has been rated as the provincial and urban outstanding Communist Party member for many times, and has won the honorary titles of “Ten police officers moved by the ancient City”, “Ten Police Officers Pace-setter”, “Ten Outstanding Youth”, “Youth Pace-setter”, “Expert in solving crimes” and so on.Hu Senrong, the hero of Peace, insisted on taking party building as the leadership, creatively combined the local “Lu’s Township Covenant” of Lantian County with the “Fengqiao Experience” of the new era, and explored a road of experience in grassroots governance.He complied with the expectations of the masses, grasped the weak points, set an example, had the courage to innovate, and led the Wenji Road police station to achieve one success after another.He insisted on keeping the soil responsible, responsible and responsible. No matter fighting against illegal crimes or carrying out urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks, he always rushed to the front, not afraid of difficulties and dangers, and fulfilled the oath he had pledged to join the Party with his practical actions.Xu Peng, the hero of peace, is in the front line of drug control. He pays attention to actual combat training, actively participates in the centralized action of drug control, invests in the detection of major cases, and highlights the true color of youth in the front line of drug control.He responded to the call of the organization and volunteered to fight the epidemic from the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2020.At the stage of the national epidemic outbreak, he put aside his personal safety and resolutely asked for registration to join the assault team against the epidemic. He went to Xi ‘an North Passenger Station, where there was a large number of people, and engaged in the epidemic prevention and control, quarantine and diversion of returning passengers for a week.In the face of the epidemic, he showed the fearless spirit of a Communist party member and the fearless demeanor of an anti-drug policeman who dares to dedicate and go against the tide in the face of danger.In his spare time, Cao Jinsheng, the hero of Peace, has helped find more than 800 lost elderly people, children and women, and reunited more than 800 families on the verge of being broken.For this reason, he was awarded as the Model of Lei Feng in Shaanxi Province, the political and legal police satisfied by the people of the province, the most beautiful civil servant in Xi ‘an, and the most beautiful retired soldier in Xi ‘an.”Looking for a person to find Cao officer, cao officer is not a disgrace!”This is the sincere praise given to him by the masses.He is dedicated to his job and dedicated to serving the people. In his spare time, he insists on searching for people. He specially established the “Police Officer Cao Volunteer Service Team” and was hired by Toutiao as an expert member of the public welfare searching think tank.Hero Cheng Qian peace from a pistol female officer to the magic bow cop, from the special police detachment of the female man to the community “police making”, along the way, no matter what position change, she always stick to infinite loyal to the party, tireless pursuit of working, his mind to the crowds poured the impression of service, always do a line, drill a line, the single-minded line,The community police has made extraordinary contributions to the ordinary post and become the “half of the sky” trusted by the masses.They sacrifice is a miniature of the guardians all peace builders in xian risk one’s life in their own right through the baptism of blood and fire outbreak of some reimbursing current rushing rally for a line of some good samaritans a crisis with the balance of good deeds in order to moral poured some unknown dedication service to the people into a new era for them on a new journey, let’s learn model in an effort to buildThe good atmosphere of Tai Min ‘an contributes its own strength to become the “mortal hero” of the construction of Xi ‘an