In 2022, there will be “two announcements and one warning” for the Qingming Festival holiday, so that you can know the road conditions in advance

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The qingming Festival, which falls from April 3 to 5 this year, is a time of sacrificial sacrifices and frequent outings.To protect roads under the charge of traffic safety during the qingming festival, effectively prevent and reduce traffic accidents, longnan a brigade public security traffic police highway early release during the qingming festival “two published a tip”, the traffic participants, please choose the travel time and travel route and the way to travel, to avoid the peak travel, easy blocking roads, to achieve the safe driving, driving civilization, safe travel.According to the Notice of The General Office of the State Council on the arrangement of some holidays in 2021, Qingming Festival: April 3 to 5 days off, a total of three days.Weather: According to the forecast of the meteorological department, the city will be mainly cloudy during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday.Section of traffic safety hidden danger :(1) 451KM — 445KM (long downhill section of bridge and tunnel from west qinling to jugan toll station is concentrated, fujin tunnel is accident prone section);(2) 471KM — 482KM (bridge and tunnel are concentrated in the long downhill section from West Qinling mountain to Pipa Toll Station, zhandao Bay and Taxus tunnel are accident prone sections);(3) 489KM — 538KM (upstream luotang to Yujiawan section, bridge and tunnel concentrated;Jiezhou and Qiangjiawan tunnels are accident prone sections);The above sections are prone to rollover and other unilateral accidents. If the safety protection is not in place after the accident, rear-end collision and other multi-vehicle traffic accidents are easy to occur.Iv. Construction road conditions of the jurisdiction area:G75 lanhai Expressway Muyu Toll Station (K551+800), G75 Lanhai Expressway Muyu Toll StationG75 lanhai expressway Yujiawan Toll Station (Longnan Wenxian, Gansu Province), G75 lanhai expressway Yujiawan toll station (Longnan Wenxian, Gansu Province)G75 lanhai Expressway K522+734 interchange lane, use the ganxiang road to pass to K550+860 interchange lane resume normal traffic;It is expected to end on April 10.(2) The lower line (to wudu direction) near orange tollstation, pile number: 433+600 to 432+200, Wujiu first bid staff new Wujiu high-speed and Wucan high-speed splicing work, occupying emergency lane and traffic lane, road half passage.(3) The upstream line (to Sichuan direction) near orange toll station, pile number: 433+400 to 433+700, Wujiu first bid staff to build a new Wujiu highway and Wucan highway splicing work, occupying emergency lane and lane, road half passage.(4) On the downbound line (to Wudu direction), in the road section near wudu toll station, the road settlement at pile NUMBER K408+800 will not be affected if the personnel of the high maintenance center put safety cones (about 30 meters) on the emergency lane.(5) From the middle section of Bailong River Tunnel to Bailong River Bridge on the upper line (toward Sichuan), pile numbers K518+330 — K518+961; from the entrance of Bailong River Tunnel to Bailong River Bridge on the lower line (toward Wudu), pile numbers K518+961 — K518+330;Longnan Tongtu Road Maintenance Engineering Co., LTD. Personnel occupied the lane for ship collision bridge construction, the road is half open.The expected end date is April 30, 2022. Lane lights have been turned off and information boards have been posted along the route.(6) The upper and lower lines K432+797 — K436+600 (Jugan toll station ramp) will be completely closed during the construction of road land and construction control area occupied by the second Navigation Engineering Bureau of CCCC.It is expected to end on June 30.Tips for Personal Safety protection during the Epidemic: The general public should fully understand the particularity of Tomb-sweeping Day during the epidemic prevention and control period, and take good personal protection. Do not gather for sacrifice, and do not sweep on the spot as much as possible, so as to reduce the risk of infection caused by crowd gathering.6. Traffic safety tips: 1. When driving during the festival, people should pay close attention to the weather conditions and the travel tips issued by the public security traffic management department, check the vehicle before going on the expressway, plan the travel time and route reasonably, and avoid the holiday peak period as far as possible.2. Pay close attention to the weather changes, try to avoid driving on rainy days, in case of heavy rain, fog and other bad weather, to timely open the light and fog lights, reduce the speed, appropriately increase the following distance, pay attention to the road conditions, in case of deceleration measures in advance, to avoid emergency braking, emergency steering, to prevent the vehicle sideslips danger.3. Overspeed and overmanning of vehicles are easy to cause dangerous situations such as braking deviation, steering out of control and even tire explosion and mechanical failure, which are easy to cause serious consequences.Traffic police prompt: please drive according to the prescribed speed, check and ratify passengers, refuse to overspeed, overmanned illegal behavior.4. For your and others’ personal safety, please do not park or occupy the emergency lane on the expressway, and fasten your seat belt.